College Towns


I spent most of the day yesterday working from home. I love those days. My home office is one of my most favorite places even though right now it’s a big mess and I need to spend a solid morning filing things away and clearing up the clutter so it looks like this again. (fun [...]

Free Weekend!!


This was our first free weekend in what feels like forever. Between Farmer’s Market set up (which starts at 5:45 am on Saturdays) to One Ogden shifts at the temple open house, family stuff and everything else, we haven’t had an entire weekend free to us to just “do” in a really long time. My [...]

The Girls Go to Wendover


I’ve never been to Vegas; never been to Nevada. I’m on a mission to cross off all fifty states and have fun while I’m doing it. Vegas has never really appealed to me much and since Wendover is a quick drive from Ogden, and significantly cheaper, we’ve been plotting a girls trip to Wendover for [...]

Sage English Muffins


*Recipe provided by Mikaela of Indie Ogden as part of our Eat Local Challenge* Sage English Muffins with Canyon Meadows Ranch Maple Breakfast Pork Make your own English muffins? Am I crazy? Maybe, but isn’t it fun to be a bit crazy sometimes?  I woke up this morning with an intense craving for English muffins [...]

OYP Ramp Up


I started out the morning by dropping my car off to get detailed. Between our three road trips to Washington in the month of July and four weeks of produce hauling in the month of August, my car could really use a little love. I dropped my car off early and took a walking tour [...]