Mack’s Best Day Ever


I picked Mackenzie up a little early yesterday and took him on date to Lucky Slice and Guitar Center. When I picked him up he was super excited, “today’s the best day ever!” and then confused, “but why are you here so early?” “Well little man, get in the car and tell me about your [...]

Kind of a Big Deal


Today I presented the largest budget request for any project I’ve managed. It was a little intimidating as I was putting things together and the numbers kept creeping up and up and up. I thought for sure I’d have some angry people on my hands. Earlier this summer (on one of our wedding trips to [...]

This is New


This post is going to sound braggy. I just know that it is. So please know that it is not at all my intention to brag about myself. But I am really excited about being included in this and I’m proud of the work that I have been a part of, or played a role [...]

The Weekend Recap


My Friday morning started out a little unusual because Nick had stayed the night in Salt Lake City and I needed to pick him up at the train station after dropping the boys off at school in order to get him to work on time. It wasn’t a big deal, by any means, but it [...]

The 7 Habits Meets Flag Football


Last night was really great for Mackenzie. He had his last football game of the season and not only did he get some great plays in, his team won and they were awarded “best sportsmanship” in the league. They’ll get to go on field at the college game in a couple weeks to be recognized [...]