LNU Education Day (2)


I spent the day with my LNU crew today exploring community issues in Weber County, primarily centered around homelessness. We had time to sit together as a group and discuss some general concepts of leadership and catch up with one another before venturing out on our tour for the day. We met with the Weber [...]

Running Inspiration


Now that we’re back in the cold, winter months, Nick and I are back to our Planet Fitness routine. If you’re like me, the treadmill bores you almost instantly so I’m really excited to share two things that I’ve been loving and that help get me through the hamster track. Iowa Girl Eats has a [...]

Negative Nancys


Today is “National Unfriend Day” a fake holiday invented by Jimmy Kimmel way back in the day…2010. I heard this on the radio today and laughed a little at first but it also got me thinking about the past year and why it’s probably a good idea to have an unfriend day come about once [...]

Kindness is Relative

First Snow 2014

Good morning and welcome to World Kindness Day! I certainly hope that random acts of kindness fill your life on a regular basis, but today is a good day to take stock of the ways you can bring a smile to another’s face. The saying “little things go a long way” is cliché by now, [...]

The Tetons


This weekend we went on a special adventure, a special and also unplanned adventure. Nick was in Ohio all last week and arrived back in town on Friday night. We picked him up at the airport and went out to dinner in SLC before crashing out back at home. Mack had an early morning basketball [...]