I’ll Admit It


I am really not a fan of running. Well, I wasn’t a fan of running. Then I was and then I signed up for a marathon and now I’m back to not being a fan of running. Long distances. I am really just sick of putting in these training runs. I have missed so many [...]

Summer Reading Prep


There are 32 days left until the Ogden Marathon. 33 days until I turn 28. 45 days until school is out for summer. And that’s when life gets really interesting. For a lot of reasons. Projects I have in the works will be fully launched in June; several projects, large projects. The kids will be [...]



Today was a fantastic day! Meetings went well, running into friends on the street, collaborations coming together, and a long hot bath before the boys got hone. Little boy giggles over fart jokes and moving beds so those two little munchkins can be closer together – best buddies. I’m just settling in for the night, [...]

The Week on Tap


I know I posted this super melodramatic post yesterday and to be fair, it was really important to me to get that all out in the open and off my chest. Yes, I’m still struggling and yes, I will continue to work through a lot of things. BUT, there’s also a ton of great things [...]

Vulnerability. A return to blogging.


The last time I posted in this space was February 27th. More than a month ago. It’s funny, abandoning this blog, I have received more requests for partnership in the last month, not writing, than when I was writing. If that’s not a blow to my ego and my efforts, well I really have no [...]