Burrito Dog

Yesterday was a long and boring day at the office. Lots to do – BUT, I was immediately cheered up when I got home to this:

Tucker has been wrapping himself up his blanket at night and apparently he’s started doing it during the day now too. The thing is, he’s really good at wrapping himself up like a burrito, but then he gets stuck. Today, he had chewed a hole large enough to stick out his head and front legs, but because he’s so stinkin’ fat – the rest of him was still stuck in his burrito wrap up. Ha ha ha! I took a video of him walking around like this before I was kind enough to come to his rescue and unravel the rest of the blanket for him.
With that, the tone for the night had been set – light hearted and full of laughter.
Immediately after, we had some visitors. We got to hear a fabulous story involving the procurement of medical marijuana to the horror of a grandparent present at the time of prescription. You’ll just have to imagine the details :) That makes two family members now who have had marijuana suggested to them as an established medical treatment – no body has taken up the offer yet.
I had decided earlier in the day that I’d make salmon for dinner (Nick’s favorite!) and I got started on prep right away.
Also, I had Nick pick up some parsnips because I’ve wanted to try parsnip fries for a while now. They keep showing up on different things (like here and here) and I’ve been so intrigued!
Turns out, parsnips are kind of like weird carrots. In fact, they smell exactly like carrots – although the taste and texture is a bit different, not to mention they are white and not orange.
Here’s what was on the menu:

Lemon Grilled Salmon
Lime Cilantro Rice
Parsnip Fries

AND, I managed to botch all three! The salmon was taking FOREVER to cook and then I ended up OVER cooking it just a little (a sin in the eyes of Nicholas). The rice cooker, I overfilled with rice, so the rice to water ratio was all wrong and we had rice that was the texture of a kindergarten craft gone wrong. And the parsnip fries, I over oiled – making them super mushy AND I over seasoned – making them a little too spicy. As we were cooking them, Mack said “oh, I love French fries!” (what? He doesn’t need to know they aren’t regular French fries – much less – healthy French fries). After he tried one, Mack spit it out and said “I do not like THOSE fries.” He was so disgusted he didn’t even want the remainder of his fry so much as touching his plate. Little bugger!
Nick and I both agreed that the parsnip fries could be good and that we just needed to work on our (ahem, my) fry making skills. As for the rice and salmon, there’s always next time.

Flash forward to lunch time today! I decided to hit the gym for a session on the circuit. It was a good opportunity to don my new workout duds from Saturday’s mission.

New pants!
I also enjoyed a lovely apple from the CSA that delivers to my gym and a nice cup of tea. I know that seems like a pathetic lunch, especially being that I’m pregnant – but you must have missed the memo about me eating a giant serving of lasagna circa 10am. Baby doesn’t care about “lunch time!” He eats when he wants! And so do I! :)

See you for dinner!

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