Surf and Turf with a Side of Destruction

We’ve been working to get our yard back to a managable state for the past couple of summers. Everything growing in our yard has been here for about twenty years and most is overgrown, overcrowded and basically just overwhelming to the novice gardner, aka ME.

A couple weekends ago we too advantage of the sunny weather to clear one whole side of the house from the overgrown bushes and shrubbery. We filled two truck loads but still had quite a mess on our hands. When we heard that this Saturday there would be a free yard waste dump site, we knew we needed to take advantage and just get it done.

I arrived home to Nick and his dad already working hard to remove the stumps left from our previous work. The guys of course had been wanting to bust out the chain saws and start doing demo on another section of the yard – I howeve, ex-nayed that idea stating that we needed to get something done before moving on to the next section. Luckily, big trucks and chains, combined with a giant ax to chop the larger stumps, satisfied Nick’s desire for some manly destruction :)

Mack even helped a little…

As the guys were finishing up, I prepared a rather silly dinner. Nick and I had planned on having salmon but we didn’t really have enough salmon steaks to make a complete meal for myself, Nick, Mackenzie and Gary. I decided to cook up two large steaks for a bit of a take on surf and turf (sub salmon for the lobster). I prepared the salmon steaks using one of our favorite recipes – Macadamia Nut Crusted Salmon. On the side we had some rice cooked with rosemary and some steamed veggies.

We “set the table” out in the living room since we were all too tired for a formal seating at the kitchen table. Comfy couches + comfort food = fabulous.

Stay tuned for the recipe!

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