Unusual Combo

Today ended up totally different than I had anticipated.

Nick has a big presentation coming up and went in to work early this morning in order to get some more time to work on some things – without the distraction of the regular work day items that come up. He went in just a little before six and I’m sure he thought I’d be sleeping in.

However, Mack and I were both up and at it by six also. Ratatouille was on so we enjoyed a few minutes of that great movie while having a quick breakfast of frosted shredded wheat. Then it was time to get going on our big project – painting the baby room.

Mack was super helpful – helping me put up the tape on the trim…

Painting stripes across the wall…

And then keeping me entertained when I began using the paint roller on the big portions of the wall. We had a good time and got quite a bit done before I realized I was completely exhausted and needed to take a break. Mack and I had a quick snack and then he headed to his room for some quiet time.

I had been thinking that whatever I got done this morning would be a good effort – which would be totally blown out of the water when Nick got home and busted out the rest of the painting in record speed. BUT – while he was at work he had gotten a message inviting us to a cheese festival at pike place. Seeing as I LOVE cheese, there was no skipping this! We got to drive the Mini into the city :)

The cheese festival was a lot of fun but we all agreed that it could have been more organized and that we would have rather paid to be in a special section set aside for the festival only, rather than mixed in with the regular market-goers. We also felt that the wine garden should have had access to the cheese sampling areas (not that I can have any wine, in general that just seems like a good idea). BUT, we still had a good time and I even picked up a few different cheeses. I got all chevre – sun dried tomato, basil-garlic, and just plain fresh. There was a crazy strawberry cheese that I wanted to get but it was all sold out :( It kind of reminded me of cream cheese but was more silky, like brie.

After being completely cheesed out we headed to Pike Place Brewery to grab some food and get a chance to rest our feeties.

Before heading home, we of course had to grab some flowers!

And we ran into Mack’s favorite…

Not really, Mackenzie is actually terrified of this guy.

Painting and cheese-fest-ing is a bit of an usual combo but I’m glad we made the trip down to Seattle. There’s always tomorrow to finish painting the baby room right?

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