Four Veggies, Four Separate Meals

As the season of farmer’s markets and cheap seasonal veggies draws to a close (sorry folks, its true!) I am becoming more and more conscious of getting the most bang for my buck but still providing fresh healthy meals for my family – and that means utilizing veggies every way I can think of.

I hate buying veggies at the grocery store but even more so, I hate when the veggies go bad in the fridge before I’ve managed to use them.

Getting back to our meal planning is a big help but re-using is a good start to. Here are three completely different meals that utilize only four veggies (and some lettuce) throughout the week. I made four distinct meals and a couple fun sides.

For the vegetables, I bought three zucchini (my favorite!), a couple roma tomatoes, five large potatoes, and a bundle of scallions – or green onions.

Meal One: Pancakes and Scrambled Eggs with Grilled Zucchini

I simply chopped the zucchini into slices, then halved the slices and sautéed with a bit of soy sauce. Once the zucchini gets a little browned I add in two to three eggs (whipped in a bowl first) and scramble. Nick made the pancakes

Oops! I guess the dinosaur shaped pancake trumped taking a photo of the eggs! We were on our way to the Dinosaur Park (more on that later) :)

Meal Two: Steak, Baked Potatoes and Salad

The perfect summer grilling meal! Nick BBQ’d the steaks, I tossed the pototoes in the oven grill and whipped together a simple salad of fresh greens, diced scallions and sliced roma tomatoes. We also had some grilled corn on the cob which was on sale for ten cents an ear. I made some bruschetta out of the remaining roma tomatoes.

** bonus: we used the leftover bruschetta as a burger topping the next night. So good!

Meal Three: Salmon with Country Fried Potatoes

I prepped the salmon with a little salt, ground pepper and lemon juice then baked it in the oven. For the side, I used leftover baked pototoe from the steak dinner. I quartered the potatoes, sprinkled with salt and pepper and sauteed with a bit of olive oil until crispy.

Meal Four: Veggie Quiche

I had some leftover sliced tomatoes from the steak night (for the salad) which I combined with diced scallion, chopped zucchini and leftover county fried potatoes. I then whipped six eggs with a little milk, salt and pepper to top the veggies in a baking dish. I covered the whole thing with a little pepperjack cheese and baked for almost an hour.

Now, I’ve used all of my veggies – the fridge is clean and our tummies were happy all week long :)

My tummy's always happy :)


  1. Camma says:

    love this idea makes produce shopping much more effective

  2. Camma says:

    Yum! I better stock my veggie drawer

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