Preschool Stuntman

Mackenzie and papa went out to visit the Polar Express. He likes to “drive.”

I guess that Spencer was a little fussy and papa Gary was helping him get situated with his bottle. When he looked up:

Can you spot Mackenzie?

Yeah, that’s right. He was on THE TOP of the train - you know, at least 25 feet off the ground. These are the things that frighten me with this little boy.

On the Polar Express movie (when we get there we’ll sing yes! We’ll arrive with a bang bang bang boom boom boom…… make it stop!) one of the kids climbs on the top of the train to get to the engineer. Good. This is what my son has learned from this movie – that getting on top of a train is a good idea. Boys.

For dinner, we used some leftover taco meat (prepared with peppers from the market) to make tacos and had some 7 layer dip on the side inside :) Of course, mexican food called for a beer – pumpkin beer in fact!


** What do your kids do that scares you? Ever turned around to find your kid is doing something totally insane? Share your stories!


  1. Brenda says:

    Yikes! But, you know, I’m not surprised. The boy loves to climb!

    Love you, Mack ….. Grandma Brenda

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