Protein Brownies (from a box?!)


This cold weather has got me craving all things comfort food. It has literally dropped over 40 degrees in the last 4 days. Last weekend (see that sunshine?), it was sunny and mid eighties. As of Tuesday, it is cold, rainy and dreary. It no longer gets light out before I get to work – which not only leaves me wanting more coffee, but wanting something yummy to go with it.

I was pretty good about holding off on my cravings until I got home and set in on making dinner. While I was heating up our meals (hey leftovers!) I set into whipping up some brownies with the Mack man. I was in a hurry and lazy so I grabbed the box mix and got to work. After Mackenzie had poured the mix into the bowl, I realized we only had ONE EGG. The recipe definitely calls for 3.

There was no turning back. The brownies had to be made – substitutions were made – and I don’t think I’m ever going back to the standard method again!

I subbed in 1 cup of Chobani plain yogurt to replace the missing two eggs. Using Chobani’s listed nutrition facts - that means roughly 24 grams of protein in the whole pan of brownies.

If you eat the whole pan,  does that count as a nutritious meal? Nope??…okay, moving on.

They were delicious! The perfect amount of moist and yet solid and no funky flavor from the yogurt I can guarantee you (I know some of you turned up your nose at the thought of yogurt baking)

So, why no pictures? Well, Nick a certain somebody starting scooping brownies out of the pan before they even finished baking and Mackenzie a certain somebody else couldn’t wait to get his hands on one after they got out of the oven. Now, I’m left with only a sad collection of crumbles.

I think next time I make brownies, I’ll make them from scratch – subbing in protein powder for flour and Chobani for the eggs again. Can I then consider it breakfast?!

Tonight we’re going to our first hockey game at University of Utah. I bought season tickets on livingsocial. So, we’ll be heading up to the campus later this evening, only this time we’ll be cheering for the Utes :)


Wait, we're not supposed to wear purple? ;)


  1. mamamash says:

    Good on your for the quick thinking and substitution! Yogurt is great in lots of dishes, but people get hung up on the taste/smell of it by itself. Same with fish sauce – smells like death but really gives your dish that extra kick.

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