Friday after my fun day with the kind folks over at Google, I headed back into Ogden to meet up with the boys.

We enjoyed a quick dinner at a little Greek diner (don’t be fooled by the “fine dining” sign – this place is cozy and casual – anything but FINE dining). The food was delicious and it was the perfect end to the work week.


Next up, it was time to get changed into our costumes and get ready for Spooktakular.

The event was at The Dinosaur Park which was a perfect backdrop for the “spooky” fall decor. If you’re thinking about taking the kids, rest assured there is nothing scary about the event. There are some spooky decorations but nothing that is moving or jumping out at the kids.

We loved the whole thing. There were little vendor tables set up that had candy – Mack would say “trick or treat” and get his goody. I really appreciated that even though these people were all marketing something (Applebees, MaryKay, Scentsy were a few…), no one was pushing anything on me. If I asked about their product, they’d talk to me, otherwise it was “here’s your candy, love your costume…” and nothing else. In that regard, why not have some local vendors come out and have the chance to meet with parents?? I also liked that Applebees gave out some gift certificates and other goodies, so I see a trip up there in our near future. Anything free is a friend of me :)

Mack got lots of comments on his Buzz Lightyear costume. It’s pretty funny because last year he was Woody. I’m sensing a trend – perhaps next year he will be a little green alien??

And another quick note to any Utah mom’s considering the event: Admission is $7 for adults, $5 for kids. = $19 for Nick, myself and Mack (Spencer was free of course). However, if you buy an annual membership at the event, it is only $60 and you get in free for the party :) We decided to go with the membership since we’re highly likely to go more than twice more and make good on the cost. Spooktakular runs Fridays and Saturdays (7-9) through October 29.

** What does your family do for Halloween? Do you take the kids trick-or-treating in your neighborhood or do you go to an organized party??

Last year we took Mack to a nice neighborhood and did the traditional thing – this year, we live in the middle of no-where and all of our neighbors own their houses as vacation homes = empty neighborhood.

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