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Today’s post comes to you via Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. Here are the prompts. I chose to cater to the Q&A prompt.

Because my blog is so incredibly well read (ha!) and I have so many followers (ha ha!), you can imagine that I get so much fan mail that its hard to keep up. I often get questions about this or that but because of the sheer volume of it all I can’t always keep up (I wish!). Instead I’m going to answer those very real, actual questions people sent me here. Because that really happens ;)

What’s the deal with a kid named Big Mack?

No, we did not name him after a McDonald’s hamburger. It wasn’t that I was craving a burger at the time of his birth and those words slipped out at the coincidental time the nurse asked me for a name of our newborn son.

When I was pregnant with our first, we only had girl names picked out. Nick and I had actually settled on the name Madison prior to finding out the gender of our little one. When we found out we were having a boy, we had to go back to the drawing board. We would exchange lists of hopefuls and then cross out the ones we were opposed to. One night, we both had Mackenzie on our list (a name we had not discussed at all before). We never really decided that would be the name, but it sort of stuck and we began referring to my belly bump as Mackenzie. Or, Mack.

Once Mackenzie had started preschool he was going mainly by Mack – only there were two Mackenzies in his class – one a girl. They started calling him Big Mack and to this day (a year later) that is how our son introduces himself everywhere we go. Also, that makes me “Big Mack’s Mom”. The irony is that our Mack was a good 6 inches shorter than the other Mackenzie (she was a year older) so I’m not sure how he got the “Big” but I’m incredibly thankful that my boy is not being called Lil Mack. Unless of course, he has a rapping career in his future ;)

And Spencer? I thought his name was Jackson?

I really like the name Jackson and has a lot of significance to Nick and I. For starters, at the time we were living in Senator Jackson’s old house, the one where he was born and raised. Secondly, while I was pregnant with Mackenzie a funny bum that frequented my Starbucks was named Jackson – he took special care fo me during that time. It sounds wierd and probably creepy but that man was so interesting. He had a lot of mental problems but he was so sweet and kind. Imagine a homeless man scrounging up enough money to buy you a chocolate bar because “a pregnant lady needs her chocolate.” Yeah, it’s wierd but that touched my heart.

However, once we started sharing the idea with our friends and family it quickly became apparent that we would have Mack and Jack. Cute, rhyming names. AND the name of a beer. No thanks.

One day we went to the doctor for what we thought might be an inducement. We ended up deciding to wait and let the little guy come when he was nice and ready. After that appointment, Nick and I went on a “hike”, really just a long walk around Spencer Island. Spencer. Spencer Jackson.

How do you find the time for it all? (<— OK, that one is a real question that I have gotten quite a bit via the blog)

I don’t know. I let a lot of stuff fall through the cracks. Laundry, dishes, I catch up when I can. Life and the kids are more important to me. I don’t have time for it all. So, I don’t do it all :) I just do the things that are important to me first and when time allows (or I absolutely HAVE to) I catch up on those more boring things.

What’s up with Utah?

We moved to Utah because Nicks job promoted him to a larger plant out here. We have been here for two months now. Utah is an odd duck. While I know that this will never really feel like home I am trying my best to look at these next few years as an adventure and to make the most of the time we have here.

Running? Working out? When, where, why and how?

I have been keeping a log over on my Fit Mamma page of the workouts I’ve done – while pregnant with Spencer and following my post-natal recovery. I recently started running and am signed up to do my first ever 5k on Thanksgiving day in Seattle!!

For me, working out gives me that time just to myself – that is just for me. Because I don’t get a lot of time like that, I like to make the best of it. Working out provides a sense of accomplishment that is so self satisfying but the effects trickle into other areas of my life as well. I have more energy, more patience with my kids, I sleep better, I feel better. The list goes on. Basically, I think taking that time to improve upon myself in the long run makes me a better wife and a better mom.

I usually work out at home with DVDs or on my stationary bike. We also have a clubhouse in our new neighborhood which has a gym. When we run, it is usually on the treadmill there, although I also like to get a good outdoor run in on the weekends. The timing really depends on what the rest of the family has going on but it’s usually towards the end of the day that it works out the best. I have to make a committment to myself that “today I’m doing ‘x’ workout” and then just follow through with that even if it means I’m up putting in my time after the kids have gone to bed.

What’s the point? (<— that’s a real question too. Often posed by males or older people that think jotting down your day is a waste of time)

I started this blog as a means of keeping myself accountable. For the things I ate, the workouts I put in, the time spent with the kids. Its a great “scrapbook” of sorts and it is fun to look back on the past several months (I started blogging in January but didn’t get into it really until April) and remember the fun things we did. It is also a great way to share our lives with friends and family. When I first started reading blogs, I realized there weren’t many that offered up family/food/fitness. I’m sure I’m not the only one who cares about all three. I know I have lots of readers who have found me accidently or otherwise and I hope that this blog gives you ideas in fitness, cooking and fun activities to do with your kids. That’s my intention at least.

Those are the questions I’ve decided to answer for ya’ll – IF, by chance you ever have actual questions (about a recipe, a workout, etc) feel free to email me at thefamilypracticeblog@gmail.com or you can always comment in the section below.

If you’re stopping by from Mama Kat’s – thanks for visiting :) Be sure to say hi in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. Kelly says:

    Hi – visiting you back from Mama Kat’s. I see in your “About” that you are from Seattle. I went to Western so I love that area (!) and often made my way down to Seattle. I am also training for a run. My first 1/2 marathon is this weekend. Excited and nervous. Good luck to you on Thanksgiving day! :)

    1. Wow good luck! I love Bellingham, we spent a weekend up at Fairview and adored it. Are you still in WA?

  2. arnebya says:

    I enjoyed your FAQs, especially about how you named your kids (I love back stories!). And OMG I AM SO HAVING AN OATMEAL CHICKEN BURGER TONIGHT!

    1. Do it! Super easy and so good – nice change up from the typical weeknight dinner. Let me know how you like em!

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