I had two helpers in the kitchen yesterday!

Three if you count Nick who was A) taking pictures and B) pilfering cookie dough when I wasn’t looking.

The little moments like this make me happiest.

We followed the standard Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie recipe (insert Friends reference here, remember when Phoebe was saying that in French as if it was some long lost family recipe?? – you can watch it here for old times sake ;) ) Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday!

In case you missed it: It Snowed Here and Chobani featured one of my recipes on their pumpkin roundup - lots of other fun ideas as well so be sure to check it out!


  • Brenda

    You are all great cookers! It’s fun to see Spencer getting in on the cookie making, too! Mack, you are a great teacher showing your baby brother all about making cookies, especially how to lick the beater!
    Love all of you, Gramma Brenda

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