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Thanksgiving for 6 under $60 – The Shopping List
I have included in my shopping list all of the ingredients you will need for a traditional thanksgiving feast (and a few indulgences). There are only a few items not included – which I figure you either have on hand or I have included alternative ways of obtaining these items.

First up, I assumed that you have a spice rack. If you don’t have anything in your kitchen beyond salt and pepper I highly recommend that you buy a “stocked rack” rather than buying the spices one by one as your recipes call for them…. Stores like, Target, Walmart, and Costco carry some nice options – I spotted some that are just like mine at Ross yesterday that had a basic set of 12-15 spices for $15. Given that spices tend to run $3-5 each, that is a great way to get “started with spices.

Secondly, you will need a turkey roasting pan. If you don’t have one you can grab a disposable pan at a store like Walmart for less than a buck – otherwise, I did see some yesterday (again, at Ross) for $12. They had a whole selection of very nice pans for good sized Turkeys. I tried to take a picture but was kindly asked not to photograph inside the store – sorry folks!

Finally, I made the assumption that you have sugar, flour and other baking necessities. If not, don’t worry, I will be sure to include the ingredients used for each recipe throughout the rest of these Thanksgiving Posts and you’ll have plenty of time to stock up before the real meal :)
Alrighty then, here’s the shopping list. I bought all brand name items from Walmart, you could probably save even more if you bought some store brands too. I also tried to put it into the correct categories for easy shopping once you’re at the store.

2 Tart Apples $2.37/lb = $1.89
2 Oranges $0.48/ea = $0.96
Stalk of Celery $1.28
1 Bag Baby Carrots $1.68
1 Bag of Chives (Green Onions) $1.58
1 Clove of Garlic $2.78/lb = $0.36
Ginger Root (about two inches long) $2.88/lb = $0.35
10 lb Bag Russet Potatoes $2.27
1 Bag Yellow Onions $1.96
Fresh Cranberries $2.28
Dole Salad Mix $1.88
1 Pkg Small Wonton Wrappers (2 inch squares) $2.18 (these are usually by the packaged herbs)

1 Mini Loaf Whole Grain Bread (8.5oz) $1.58
Feta Cheese(4 oz) $2.98

1 Bag Ore Ida Steam and Mash Sweet Potatoes $4.88 (alternatively get 4 fresh sweet potatoes)

Turkey $0.98/lb (This is the only item I did not buy at Walmart because the smallest turkey they had was over 15 lbs. I ended up getting a small one (7 lbs) at the little market in Eden for $1.39/lb.

2 6oz Chobani Plain $1.22/ea = $2.44 OR $5.68 for the 32oz container
Whipping Cream (by the milk) $1.24
Dozen Eggs $1.98
Pillsbury Rolls (4 can pack) $2.72

Baking Aisle
2 4oz Bag Chopped Walnuts $1.98/ea =$3.96
1 can Libby’s Pumpkin Puree $1.68
1 Large Can Princella Sweet Potatoes $1.62

Condiment Aisle
Kraft Raspberry Vinaigrette $1.00

Since I already had a lot of these items on hand, I only ended up spending about $35 at the store – I did however price everything out (really awesome carrying a notepad, pen and calculator through the store :) ) and I know the prices are competitive.

If I had bought everything on this list, I would have spent $53.69 (including the price of my turkey) plus tax.

Not bad huh?

Stay tuned as I turn this into a meal for 6! We’re having Thanksgiving dinner here in Utah this weekend as a “mini family” before we fly home for the real Thanksgiving in Seattle.

Hopefully, you can put the shopping list and recipes to use in your families traditions. Enjoy.

** Common practice is to plan on 3/4 lb of turkey per person – that way you have lots for everyone and ensure leftovers :)

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  1. This is an awesome idea! I think I’ll set a similar challenge for myself. Thanks for coming over and visiting ‘adventuresindinner’.

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