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Mondays are such a long day – by the time I leave for the pool and head to work and then back home with the kids, I’ve been away from the house for about 12 hours. Blech. It was a good day though and I got a lot accomplished on my projects at the office.

Luckily, we had some leftovers from Sunday’s dinner which made tonight’s meal a breeze! Nick made Chicken Curry in the crock pot yesterday and let it simmer nearly the entire day. I was craving curry by about 11 am, it was that fragrant and enticing! I waited patiently ’til dinner time though!

Nick’s dad is here staying with us for a while and hopefully will get to go skiing while he’s here. The weather (ie the snow) hasn’t been much on his side though and we ended up taking him out bowling instead.

These two guys were pretty happy for an evening out with Papa.

As crappy as the snow has been for skiing, it did impede our hiking ability over the weekend. We tried to hike “Doughnut Falls” which is apparently a large rock with a hole in it where a waterfall goes through down into a basin below. We received a hiking book full of great hikes near Salt Lake and Ogden. There is even a section on “Best Hikes in Utah for Winter.” Hikes in the winter are a necessity for me; otherwise I get a little stir crazy waiting for spring to arrive. I really can’t stand to be indoors that long. Now that we live in Utah, a book with all the nitty gritty details is something we were definitely in need of. I chose Doughnut Falls for its length, difficult level and the suggestion that it could be easily done in winter conditions.

Unfortunately, we missed a turn and ended up in the wrong canyon on our way out to the trailhead. The funny thing though is that all of the rest of the directions worked after that initial wrong turn so we still thought we were in the right place. Once we got on the trail we all agreed that things didn’t seem right. When we had hiked far beyond the .75 miles it was supposed to take to get to the falls we started asking other hikers if we were on the path to “the falls.” We were assured that we were on the right path and to just keep going.

Not so my friends. We were on a hike that led to a different waterfall that was much further into the woods and a lot steeper of a climb. After getting about two miles into the forest, full of snow and dense patches of ice, we decided that it would be better to turn around than to go any farther and risk having to hike back to the car after daylight had fled. No waterfall.

Once we were in the car and back on the road it was evident that we were in the wrong place. Turns out we were on Bells Canyon Trail. Oh well, we still had a great time and the hike was gorgeous.

Spencer’s 2nd Hike (His first was Timpanogos Caves)

Any reason to bust out my “mimosa” Chooka boots – luv em!

Honestly, what were we thinking with all that snow?

Mack was super happy to get his feeties on the heaters!

At any rate, it was nice to get out of the house and explore our new area a little more. I still really want to do the hike we had set out for. Doughnut Falls just you wait…

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  1. Kennis says:

    Haha — that last picture of Mack cracks me up. Only because I do that ALL THE TIME up here!

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