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Okay so I sort of ditched you guys after Wednesday morning. I promise it wasn’t for lack of a good reason. I promise after you read this, you’ll excuse the absence.

Wednesday night I went out to dinner with Nick and some other company guys visiting from out of town. We went to Tona – big surprise, since it is one of three restaurants on our regular rotation. Anyway, dinner was great. We had an insane amount of sushi and a nice time catching up. I had met two of the guys before and we haven’t seen each other since a series of promotions moved all of us from the Seattle/Portland area to now Minnesota, Ohio and Utah. Pretty split up.

Ironically at dinner the guys told horror stories of wrecking company vehicles. I distinctly remember thinking, “god that would suck” when they described having to call one of the VPs to let them know a car was messed up.

Flash forward to Thursday – I got up early to drive Nick’s dad, Gary, to the airport in SLC. The drive was pretty treacherous, snow and ice all over the road, and I was happy to get there in one piece. By the time I was headed home, the snow on the ground had become slush and the falling snow was now rain. It was also much later in the morning and we had full daylight. I felt much better driving.

Then, this happened.

Actually, it was a lot worse than that.

I hit slush that was actually solid ice

And ended up about three feet up on this rock bank.

Facing 180 degrees the other way. I had been headed up the canyon driving east – I was now facing west, shoved up on the rock with the driver’s side door blocked in with a snow bank.

I really have no idea how I got flipped around like that but I do remember seeing myself headed for those rocks and just knowing that “I was in for it.” When I opened my eyes I was surprised I could move easily and wasn’t hurt.

The good news is that a tow truck actually saw the whole thing happen and immediately pulled me off the rocks and out of the way of traffic. They also helped me calm down, call Nick and get the police out to the scene. Special thanks to Ogden Auto Body for being so kind and so helpful in what was a truly frightening experience.

I spent the rest of the day at home – either crying, sleeping or trying to figure out how I was going to get to my tri on Saturday without a vehicle that can carry my bike. Yeah, I was still planning on doing my tri.

Then when I woke up in the middle of the night (2am Friday morning) I was in so much pain, stiff and just miserable. In the morning, I took myself to the doctor and had some xrays done.

My hip and knee are pretty messed up. The tri is out of the question. I’m going to have to do physical therapy to help get my hip back to the right positioning. In the meantime though, I have been given a knee brace that allows only partial bending of my leg and some meds which are supposed to help with the inflammation and soreness.

So…. Here I am typing up this blog post. At this very moment, I would have been starting my first triathlon but instead, I’m stuck on the couch having a hard time even getting up to go to the bathroom.

It totally sucks.

The good news is, I’ll get better. Also, it could have been a lot worse: I could have had the kids in the car. I could have rolled the truck if I was just a few feet further up the road where there is no rock bank incasing the highway. I could have hit the car coming at me from the other side. I could have hurt myself more. Lots of “could haves”, but what happened has happened and I’m grateful to have come out with minimal injuries.

Now, for the rest of the weekend, I’ll be cozied up with the fire on, watching the snow fall out the window and enjoying the time with my little family.

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