Set Your Intention

Morning guys! I guess its almost afternoon now so sorry I’m late to the party.

This morning has been insanely busy – but in the best possible way! Lots of exciting projects on the horizon and in the works!

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen this:

Will it be a good day? Set your intention now! Its a choice you make :) I’m choosing to have a great day

One of my old yoga instructors used to start each class with the phrase “set your intention.” What is it you are here to accomplish – relax, stretch, what is it you have come here to do? Set your intention for this class. Often times she’d make suggestions: “today I want to bring peace and harmony to my heart – to leave behind all the hurt and frustrations days before have created” or “today I will bring light into my heart that I will be like the sun filling each place I enter with the light from within.”

Yeah, new age-y….

But, I like this. I want to be a ray of sunlight for those whom I interact with. I want to leave an after effect of my presence – a rosy tint to their day, a lingering warmth. You get the metaphor.

Today has been busy – but it has been great so far. I sent my intention.

Have you set yours?? Share it below!

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