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Happy Monday! Did everyone have a good weekend? I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t upset about the Patriots loss yesterday, but I had a good weekend nonetheless.

We went to a party in Syracuse and I made some little football cookies to take along:

Just some gingerbread cookies with a little butter-cream frosting to make the laces, topped with sugar crystals.

Today is a really funny day for me. On my way to work Friday morning I was hit by a flying recycling bin. Yes. You read that correctly. It was super windy once again here in Utah and the trash cans were flying all over the road. The one that hit me actually blew across three lanes of traffic before popping up and hitting my car.

That brings the tally up to THREE car accidents in one month period. Recap: 1. My car was hit (in our driveway in Utah) while we were in Seattle for Christmas – the driver side is all scraped up. 2. I hit ice in the canyon and smashed into the rock wall – truck messed up and injuries to myself. 3. Recycling bin flys up and hits my car – front of my car busted up.

SOoooo. I have a jinx or something apparently. I said this morning was a funny day because I have an appointment with the insurance adjuster to evaluate the damage to my car (from the ridiculous recycling bin incident) and then I have a very important meeting up in Park City that is anything but ridiculous and is in fact incredibly serious – and slightly scary. I’m sure it will be fine but I am nervous for a business presentation I have to make up there later this afternoon. Wish me luck!

Fortunately, I started out the morning on a good note and hit the pool for the first time since the truck accident.


I put in a really good swim this morning. Warm up for 100 yards, followed by 550 yards of paced laps. I wanted to do 750 yards but ran out of time before I had to hop out of the water and get showered and ready for work. I wish I had more time this morning because I was in a really good groove and everything just felt right – my breath was in perfect timing with my stroke and I just felt awesome.

I love this running picture and it totally captures what I want to say about my swimming form.


Unfortunately, trying to find a similar picture I was only able to come up with this:


It might still be an accurate representation of my swimming skills ;)


I packed a quick breakfast to eat after the pool – a Luna bar, Chobani yogurt, and I got a coffee first thing in the office!

I have to say that I won $25 on bet during yesterdays game so I used $20 to pay for my February gym membership and was planning to use part of the remaining $5 for coffee this AM. Lucky me, my boss treated me to a cappuccino for an early morning meeting! Its like winning twice!

I’m off to tackle the to-do’s!

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  1. janetha says:

    Cute football cookies!

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