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Alright folks, Nick and I are somewhere on the road to Idaho at this time but I didn’t want to leave ya’ll hanging! Remember that Valentine French Toast I made earlier this week? Well you didn’t think I’d just waste all of that extra bread and crust did ya? No way, I put it in a zippie bag and saved it for one of my favorite treats: bread pudding!

I turned to good ole’ Betty Crocker for a basic recipe (I’ve never made it before). Gotta love Betty! My grandma got me this “Picture Cook Book” when they re-released it as a fifty year anniversary thing.

I love it! The pictures are to die for – and the handy little tips are just stellar. Like this one: “The clever wife has a simple appetizing cocktail ready for her husband when he comes home at night.” – p.47

Ha! Um, Nick knows that its more likely me hoping there’s a glass of wine waiting for ME when I get home.

Anyway, Betty might be outdated a bit but the recipes are sure successes each and every time.

The basic recipe is:

You can click on that photo to make it bigger.

I changed it up just a touch, by subbing one egg for ½ cup CHOBANI (yay protein in a dessert!!), I used only 2 tbsp butter, no sugar, and I subbed in dried cranberries instead of raisins. I also squeezed the juice of a blood orange into the mix just for kicks. Remember, I’m sort of having a love affair with the blood orange??

I purposely left out the sugar in the recipe because I think bread pudding is best enjoyed with a little caramel sauce and god knows there’s enough sugar in that stuff to sweeten up just about anything.

All together, delicious!

And since we’re on the subject of being “good little housewives,” I have to mention that I’ve discovered something amazing. I came across an article in Cook’s magazine about whether or not you need to be using an antibacterial cleaner.

You can read the whole article here.

I found it incredibly interesting but the bottom line is this: they recommended Method brand all purpose cleaner in French Lavender scent. It’s all natural and kills just as much bacteria as Lysol Kitchen Cleaner (their runner up and what we’ve been using in our kitchen for years). I decided to pick up a bottle and try it out myself.

BUT, instead of being swayed by the French Lavender (which does smell amazing) I was won over by the Pink Grapefruit scent. One of my all time favorite smells for a house, grapefruit just makes everything seem cleaner.

So did it work?


And now I want to clean everything, everyday just so I can smell the grapefruit goodness! Basically, you should go buy yourself some.* Like, right now. It’s available at Target.

**Nope, not even close to getting paid to say this – I just legitimately love the stuff.

One thought on “Bread Pudding, Healthy? You better believe it”

  1. spOonjaa says:

    Aime9e, what a warm and inviting, perefct autumn day dessert! It sounds heavenly, and pumpkin is the perefct comfort food for this time of the year. It lends itself so well not only to ever popluar pies and breads, but yummy treats such as this bread pudding, and muffins, cakes and souffles…the list goes on and on. And rum soaked raisins?! Count me it!

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