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Well it’s about time I got around to typing up my morning post, given that I’ve been awake for oh, five hours already. This morning was great – Nick woke up early to go running, I got up right after he got home and I did my weights routine and a run of my own all before 6 am. Not bad for a Monday my friends!

My hip is feeling a lot better when I go out for a run and I can make it through without pain. The only problem is AFTERwards when my joint feels like it’s trying to wring the life out of me one pressure point at a time. Fight through it.

Did you notice I said I did my weights before running?? I figured I’d try it out – seeing as how that’s the right way to do it and all – let me just say that even on my short run I really felt an immense difference. For one, my blood was already pumpin and my legs were ready to hit the pavement hard, none of this warming up and easing into my stride. I did still do my short walk to get my legs stretched and ready, but my pace started out much quicker and I maintained a faster pace over the duration of my run. Felt so good :)

Here’s the weights routine I did…

And after my 1.5 mile run, I was ready to get showered up and ready for work.

Even though I had all the time in the world this morning I still managed to forget both my breakfast and lunch. I made a quick pit stop at the new Harmons and fell in love. This store has everything I have ever wanted, all under one roof and I’m bummed to have to tell you I spent a total of ten minutes in the store grabbing myself a Chobani, pita chips, a deli sandwich and some chips/salsa. I could have easily spent an hour in there with all the fun foods they have.

So… why am I just now getting around to my post? Well, something devastating happened at work over the weekend. Our coffee pot died. Seeing as I have nothing else important to get done (you know like fiscal projections/reports, corporate taxes and the like….) I spent the better part of the morning researching and then purchasing a new coffee maker for the office. Some things just can’t be placed on the back burner :)

Now we have a shiny new Keurig (which I had to teach the guys how to use, hi, here’s the on button and here’s the brew button) and we are all enjoying our first cups of coffee for the day.

Needless to say, my Monday is going pretty darn well. Now, to go get some real work done…

2 thoughts on “Devastation at the Office”

  1. janetha says:

    I LOVE HARMON’S! That’s where I prefer to shop, I go to the newer one in Farmington but can’t wait to check the newest one downtown! I spent a couple hours there yesterday.. so stoked that Chobani was a buck!

    1. So you are the one that took all the Chobani! ha – they were out of every new flavor :( I usually go to Farmington one but its out of the way for me, the new one is practically across the street from my office! Yay

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