On The Go

Good morning! Well, it’s only 7:30 and I’m already pretty far behind for the day. Ha

I have about nine hours’ worth of stuff to get done in the next five plus I have physical therapy this morning and I need to pack for Nick, myself and the kids. We’re leaving for Idaho right after Mack’s ski school gets done.


Since I’m on a “clean out the fridge” mission and am now out of eggs but have a bunch of produce, I’m having the world’s most ridiculous breakfast.

Grilled zucchini.

I actually love grilling up zucchini and tossing it into my scrambled eggs so I suppose that makes it a little less weird – but zucchini straight up just seems like such an odd thing to start my day off.

Whatever dudes, it is delish! I also had a few pieces of turkey bacon. Mmmmm.


Since I know I’m going to be stuck in the car for quite a while later today, I wanted to make sure I got some good stretching in even before I went to PT. I once again did the Yoga for Runners sequence available on YouTube. It’s short and sweet (25 min) but does the trick!

I also did the super quick Arms Workout that I put together at the start of this whole physical therapy thing.

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