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It has been a weird week you guys. Is there some crazy moon/stars/polar-shift thing going on? I swear everyone I know has had weird stuff going on this week.

Since my car accident two weeks ago today, I’ve had a pretty constant pain in my lower body. I try not to complain about it and to just keep going but it wears on me and I honestly am exhausted just from hurting all day. But it is messing with my sleep more than anything. When I took the muscle relaxants before bed as I was prescribed, I ended up having really twisted dreams – things that were odd: like buying a bunch of jeans and then not being able to bring them home from the store because they didn’t all fit in my pocket, or that one of my friends was pregnant and didn’t tell me because I was in Utah, or that I found a new attachment for my blender and needed to make a smoothie (I woke up from that one super thirsty).

So, weird dreams. But not scary or disturbing.


Nonetheless, I didn’t like the feeling the meds gave me – that I was out of control, that I knew my brain was being weird and I’d wake up mid dream confused and unable to find clarity. I hated it.

I stopped taking the medicine.

Now, instead of drug induced dreams, I have pain induced dreams. In the last three days alone I’ve had some of the most disturbing dreams I’ve ever had. One, where I found a car on the side of the road, stranded in a large puddle of snow run-off – the driver drowned and still in the car a week after the storm. It was disgusting. I can still see the images in my head. And it frustrates me. I don’t watch violent things – I don’t fear dying in my car – I’ve never seen anything graphic like this in real life – why is this in my head? Why does the pain in my body bring about these dreams?

I’m walking up frustrated, confused, disgusted. And then I carry these intense images with me through the rest of my day. The drowned guy dream is only one of several. All vivid and the kind of dreams you can’t just shake off with a hot shower.

I’m not sure what to do? Go back to the medicine? At least those dreams were just odd and not disturbing….

Do you guys have dreams that you remember and relive in your waking hours? Recurring dreams? Does medicine do this to you too?

So that’s enough creepy dream talk.


This morning I’m working from home which means I had a little extra time to put together my breakfast.


Honestly, I need to have lessons in making omelets. I had three eggs along with some tomatoes, mushrooms and a sliced jalapeno. Everything was lookin good until I added in some cheese and it was time to do the flip.

I’m sorry my breakfast looks like a train crash. It tasted good I promise!


A little later today, I’m headed into physical therapy to get some help with my hip. I’m going to take the morning pretty slow so that I can do the PT stuff and see how I feel – perhaps some upper body weights this evening. Right now, I just want to go back to sleep and get some psycho-dream-free sleep. That’s not gonna happen! I’ve got lots of work to get done today.

Have you had weird stuff happen this week? Let’s see who is having the strangest week….

** Mack’s preschool was evacuated for a bomb threat yesterday (the whole thing turned out just fine), so you might have to make something up in order to beat our crazy week! Put your stories in the comments below

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