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Good morning! I have some fun news that I want to get to so I’ll be quick with the usual stuff…


I hit the pool again this morning. Bright and early! I actually got there before the little worker bees had arrived and I got to wait outside in my car until the doors were unlocked. Brrr…

My swim this morning wasn’t all that great. I need to pay more attention to what I eat at night – late night snacking and A TON of sodium really screw me for morning workouts. I almost hate to admit that after dinner I also had a thing of Top Ramen (gasp!), fruit snacks and some chocolate. I don’t know what it is with me but lately I have been craving top ramen and I think it has something to do with the salt. I really need to figure out a better way to tame that craving than to just give in to it. Its embarrassing to admit that…


Thankfully, my breakfast this morning is very nutritious. Walnuts for healthy fats and omega 3s, a Babybel for added calcium and protein, an apple (a day keeps the doctor away), and a Chobani for the ultimate in protein.

I also had a nice warm cup of Gingerbread Tea, followed immediately by a steamy cup of coffee. It is freakin freezin in my office today!

Okay, on to the exciting stuff!

I am doing my first ever giveaway on the blog! Woohoo! I actually have a little variety gift pack of some favorite things that I love so much that I want to share them with you all. This giveaway is not sponsored by any one in particular – just out of the kindness of my heart :)

How to enter: (several ways)

1). As an option, head over to the Facebook Page and “like” The Family Practice. Or just drop me line: if you’ve made any recipes from this blog please leave a comment describing your experience.

2). Add a comment on this post (below) about a recipe of mine that you’ve tried (or if you haven’t made anything yet, what you would like to try)

3). Share this giveaway on twitter usingĀ  @fampracticeblog

Any of these three ways will enter you to win – of course, the more you do the higher your odds of winning :) I’ll be randomly selecting one winner on Friday.

**Updated** Entry to the giveaway is now closed and the winner has been announced! And the winner is

20 thoughts on “Valentines Giveaway”

  1. smartyharley says:

    I’d love to try the cranberry walnut salad. Yum!

  2. SLove says:

    Don’t do FB so I can’t enter the contest, but would still love to spread the word. Will be tweeting soon. Congrats on a great blog.

    1. Not to worry – your comment here gets you in :) Thanks for stoppin by!

  3. Emz says:

    I liked your FB page!! :)

  4. Emz says:

    Crap sorry about that last comment! ;)
    I made the cranberry walnut salad. Holy. Yum.
    I want to try the oatmeal crust though!!

  5. Heather B says:

    Veggie quiche looks amazing. I’ve been searching for a good recipe.

  6. Tori says:

    Your oatmeal chicken burgers sound so unique and delicious! I’ll definitely have to try them.

  7. Hey Kim, we are going to try your chili tonight. I’m so excited because it looks amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Ashlee Wellenstein says:

    I made the boneless chicken wings you had posted for the superbowl and my whole family loved them. I used a mild sauce so the kids could eat them too. We used ranch for dip as well. Highly recommended to anyone :) I already like your FB page too but will head over there too :) Thanks for a chance to win

  9. Julie L says:

    new fb liker Julie A scott Laws

  10. says:

    Oh where do I start? I LOVED the blackberry glaze chicken…I can’t think of what you called it when you made it, but it was SO easy and delicious. Along with a handful of others, including the toasted oats from this AM — a quick and simple alternative to Granola, and yum!

  11. Brenda says:

    I made your “accidentally amazing” chili and loved it. And it made quite alot, so I’m having the last bit that’s left on my baked potato for lunch today. You come up with so many simple and good ideas it’s hard to keep up with trying them all. The next two that I’m going to try are the CranRose Chicken Skewers and the Toasted Oats. I already know they will be tasty. Looking forward to your next creations!

  12. I think those Oatmeal Chicken Burgers sound fabulous! I need to try those soon! :)

  13. I tweeted the giveaway and I’m following you! :) @Christianqt07

  14. Brigid says:

    Aw, you’re too sweet! I’d like to try the enchilada casserole and a couple of your healthy desserts!

  15. Brigid says:


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