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Good morning! Man I always think that Mondays are going to suck but this is two weeks in a row of having a fabulous Monday. Let’s keep this trend rollin!


I really did not want to wake up this morning (remember how I anticipate Mondays being a crap day? Yeah, that doesn’t help me roll out of bed in the morning…). But I managed to drag myself out of bed in time to do my weights, catch the sunrise and go on a run.

It’s back to the 3 week arms challenge and today called for shoulders and tris.

I have been running in the pitch black darkness the past two weeks so this morning I was really excited that it was early dawn and the sun was just making its way over the mountains. I decided to bring my camera along on my run just in case there was an awesome shot of the sunrise worth capturing.

Turns out, there was a lot more to be seen than just the sun! (Does that sentence make anyone else think of the Lion King? “There’s more to be seen than could ever be seen, more to do than could ever be done…. In the circle of life…”) No? Just me? Okay, sorry, I’ll stop.

Elk! I counted 17 during the course of my run. Pretty awesome way to start my day if I do say so myself :)


I packed myself a Chobani Champion (stolen yet again from Mackenzie), a banana and some cucumber water.

I’m trying really hard to drink more water but I just get so darn sick of the plain, blah taste. Yesterday, I added cucumber and lemon to my water and I ended up drinking 10 of those tumblers – just refilling the water each time. I’m trying it again today.

And the winner is….!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in my little giveaway challenge. So many of you guys had great ideas for using Chobani in different foods, even drinks! I wish more of you could win but alas, only one person can be chosen.

Congratulations to CLAIRE for winning the Chobani Challenge Giveaway! I used a random number generator to determine the winner:

Claire, I’m so excited to “accept your challenge”

Curry sauce is right up my alley! We make curry dishes at least once a week so I can’t wait to put something together using Chobani.

Claire please contact me with your shipping information so we can get your yogurt out to you right away. You can email me at thefamilypracticeblog[at]gmail[dot]com – thanks!

And because there were so many great suggestions – I’ll be working my way through the comments to at least attempt ALL of your clever ideas. So be on the lookout for your recipe in the not so distant future! Like, as soon as tonight!

Alright folks, I better get jamming on my busy work day! See ya for dinner :)

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