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This morning I opted for a short and speedy workout so I could sit on the porch with my coffee and catch the sunrise. Hey, it’s the second day of spring and I plan on enjoying every second of this magical season. The budding plants, the grass changing back to green, the trees getting their leaves again…I love it all. I quickly did my shoulders and triceps routine

I’ve said it before but what I really love about these weights routines is how little time it takes to do them. I definitely get results but the time commitment is minimal.

I hurried to get ready so I wouldn’t miss the sunrise – I even did my makeup out on the back patio.

Well, I saw the sky get brighter but there wasn’t much of a sunrise. I still enjoyed sitting in the fresh air though!


This morning’s breakfast is also a speedy little ensemble. Just some coffee and more sparkly eggs.

Kids With a Cold

As much as I love the changing of the seasons, one thing that spring tends to bring along with it is cold season :(

Case in point: the flu that our whole family has gone through over the past two weeks.

I hate being sick – doesn’t everyone? But once you’re a mom, being sick means so much more. For one, even if you’re healthy you might end up missing work because a sick kiddo can’t go to school. Or, you end up in the position where you are sick AND you have a little one (or ones) at home that also need your attention.

What’s the plan here?

I really don’t have the answers. Do you? This past week, Nick and I basically traded off during our weakest points – when I absolutely couldn’t help with the kids, Nick covered for me by sucking it up and suffering through his own misery to stay up with the kids – then vice versa when Nick was at his worst and couldn’t do it anymore. It’s a great way for neither of us to really get any rest or feel better any time soon. So juggling the kids while sick? I don’t know the perfect solution…

What I do know:

What Works For Me:

I take all my vitamins: C, B12, Echinacea and monolaurin – these all help to build my immune system.

Sleepy Time Tea Extra – helps me to get the rest I need to restore my body.

EAT – when I’m sick I have to constantly remind myself to eat nutrition rich foods. I could easily subsist off of soup and crackers but my body needs more than that in order to fight whatever virus I’ve got. I have to make sure I get lots of protein to keep my body strong.

Miso Soup – speaking of soup, I absolutely love Miso and I always keep some packets on hand. Miso has long been shown to help with sinus infection and colds, plus the warmth it brings to the body is comforting and healing on its own. It also has a fair amount of protein.

Neti Pot – I want one! Have any of you used one? Thoughts?

What Works for Kids:

Popsicles – Mack thinks this is a treat but I know it’s my sneaky way of helping him get his liquids in.

Movies – Mack doesn’t really like the idea of “rest” or “sleep” even when he really needs it, so having lots of movies on hand is really helpful. He can watch something and fall asleep on the couch and it’s the only real way I can guarantee that he gets the rest that he needs. Sure he’d be fine watch Aladdin (which I dvr’d) 20 times in a row, but for the sanity of the rest of us – movie options is a must! As much as I love Aladdin…

A Sense of Trickery – remember how I said I don’t like to eat when I’m sick? Well, trying to convince a four year old he “has to eat in order to get better” is pretty much a lost cause. I have to make sure that everything I put in front of him is especially nutritious because odds are, I am only going to get him to eat a few bites. Greek yogurt is a great options since it has so much protein, I know even a couple bites will do him a lot more good than a few bites of soup. Basically, I’m looking for low sugar but high protein and/or fat content. Since he’s not going to eat much, it needs to be something that will stick with him longer.

Something Special – the number one thing kids want when they are sick is comfort. Sure, they’d love for mom to make the pain, discomfort or whatever go away. We have some mom magic, but we’re not always able to make it “go away” completely. In that case, whip up the little magic you do have and make something ordinary special. Whether it’s a cozy blanket from mom and dad’s room or a pillow that they don’t usually use – these little things go a long way to bring an extra sense of comfort. Mack loved getting to use “my” blankie when he was laying on the couch with the flu. It’s just a blanket but the fact that it was mine and he doesn’t usually snuggle with it made it special for him.

Vitamins – make sure the littles get their immune system boost too! We like the little gummy vitamins that they carry at Costco.

Most of all, just be patient – patient with those little guys that don’t really understand what’s going on in their bodies and patience with yourself who is likely to get exasperated at some point. Hey, we can’t always “do it all” and when we’re sick it’s that much harder to be the mom of the year. Just remember that we always get better, we always get healthy once more and we can do anything for a little while – strength to get us through to the end….

Good luck!

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