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This morning Nick and I woke up at almost the exact same time which is rare. He left the bedroom before me and when I went out into the living room, he was no where to be found. I thought maybe he had gone out to the garage to lift or something and went down the hall in search of him. As I passed by Mackenzie’s bedroom, I saw that Nick had crawled into bed with Mack and my heart actually did that skip a beat thing. I really wasn’t expecting that and it was so dang cute. Nick’s long legs poking out of Mack’s short blanket, Mack smiling even through his sleepy demeanor. I wish I had my camera, not so that I could post a picture here but because it’s a sight I want to remember and I want to remember how it made me feel. Yes, that one moment was adorable but it means so much more to me – it means that my husband is here. He is a part of our lives; a loving husband and father – and that’s something I’m infinitely blessed to be able to say. Love you Nick!

Before I did anything this morning After reading Mackenzie his new dinosaur book and teaching him the phonics “-ing” “-oo-” and “ch” (what? You don’t do impromptu phonics lessons at 6am? – if my kid wants to learn how to read by god I’m going to help him out), I sat down and enjoyed a cup of the new Starbuck’s Tribute Blend. The packaging describes the coffee as “Spicy and full-bodied with berry and dark chocolate notes” – um, yeah, sign me up! I bought a pound of this coffee when they were running a special which included a free tall beverage. It’s practically like they forced me to make this purchase :) Today’s cup was my first and it rivals one of my old school favorites – Ethiopian Sun-Dried Sidamo (which remains one of my favorites to this day even though it was offered only once). Any of you partners, ex-partners or SBUX fans will appreciate how brightly the flavors of this coffee are and that they remain completely intact, not muddied in any way. Tribute is only around for a little while, so make sure you check it out while it’s still around. It would be fantastic in a French press…just sayin

Hey, I’ve admitted before I’m a coffee snob so at least we’re being honest here.

**I bought this coffee on Sunday (a sin in some parts of this state) and when I told Nick about it – he asked me if it was “Tribute” like in “Hunger Games” – I still don’t know if he was joking but it sure made me laugh. I guess since we were going to see the movie that same afternoon, that’s where his head was at!**


Once I had fully enjoyed my coffee it was time to get my muscles into gear. I was feeling much more ambitious than yesterday and decided to do a duo weights day, combining my “Arms and Shoulders” routine with “Shoulders and Triceps.” That definitely adds a little intensity! My arms were on fire! In case you missed it, be sure to check out the results from the 3 Week Arm Weights Challenge which is where these workouts came from.

I also decided to go out on a short run with Muffin dog.


I’m on a smoothie kick apparently! This is the third day in a row now. When it’s warm out, I really don’t feel like eating big hefty meals. Smoothies are a great way for me to make sure I get lots of nutrients but don’t feel stuffed (or, that I skip breakfast altogether because dense foods aren’t all that appealing).

In the mix today:

  • 1 Cup Ice
  • 1 Cup Milk
  • 1 Scoop Protein Powder
  • ½ Pkg Starbuck’s VIA Instant Coffee
  • ¼ Tsp Imitation Almond Flavoring
  • 1 Packet Splenda

Please ignore my wet hair pony tail, lack of makeup and all the clutter in the background. Man, I’m so on top of life right now :)


I never heard back from the original winner of the Chobani Challenge but I didn’t want the whole thing to go to waste. This morning I used a random number generator to pick a new winner:

Kari, please get in touch with me at with your shipping info. And now, I better get to work on a soup recipe for ya!

2 thoughts on “Tribute”

  1. I have never put coffee in a smoothie before. Maybe that would be a way to keep my 3 year old from sucking the whole thing down :).
    That is so sweet with your husband…it really is the little moments that are the most memorable I think!

    1. I love that you said that. As I was making a coffee smoothie this morning my four year old asked what I was doing and I told him that I was making a coffee drink. He shrugged his shoulders and walked away. If I had said the word smoothie he would have been all over that! Mom is reclaiming her smoothies lol

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