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I ended up having to work late last night – yes, on our anniversary. When I got home Nick surprised me with a bottle of Grey Poupon. He’s a funny one. We’re doing our real anniversary celebration next weekend so we agreed no gifts on the real day :)

We received so many lovely notes of kindness yesterday – emails, text messages, and facebook comments. It really is amazing how much we have grown together in just a few years. Nick and I met fall of 2004 – I was a freshman in college and just came to campus, Nick a sophomore who lived next door. I hung out with Nick at a party one night and he put his number in my phone. I didn’t even know he had done that until he started texting me the next day… several texts, phone calls, dates, parties, fights, make ups, long talks, trips and getaways and here we are. Those fights, long talks, picnics and trips to the music store all added up to something rather remarkable. It wasn’t an easy road but I’m so thankful that neither one of us walked away.

I see that Mama Kat has a writing prompt up for favorite things and while it has been quite some time since I’ve participated, I feel that today is a perfect day for such a post.

While I do have lots of things I love that are actual things…. I feel especially grateful for the things in my life which aren’t things at all.


I absolutely love when I get home from work and Mack runs to the door with open arms, excited to see me and tell me about his day at preschool.


I love when Spencer leans into me as I hold him. Every now and then he’ll drop his head into my shoulder and it’s a subtle movement but means the world to me.


Nick flipping pancakes on Sunday morning.


Speaking of Spencer’s head… the smell of his little baby head is intoxicating.



Watching my boys play together.



Finding Nick tucked in cozy with Mack in the morning, when I thought he was up getting him ready for school.


Hearing Mackenzie laugh as dad tickles him (or chases him through the house, flings him around in the air, pillow fights or whatever…)


Nick teaching Mack how to air-guitar and air-drum to classic rock.


When Mack asks to hear “Black and White” while we’re driving in Nick’s truck. AND, when he asks to hear “The Killers” when he’s in my car :)


When Mackenzie mimics me by “writing recipes” and making a “list”


When Spencer screeches with excitement because he doesn’t yet have the words to express what he feels.



Nick singing Christmas music in a faux opera voice – all months of the year.


The sound of the boys laughing together.


Mackenzie snuggling up to me during a movie.


Sure, there’s a lot more. The magic happens in the little moments. And it’s the little moments that tend to be so fleeting. With that in mind, another favorite thing is when we actually are able to capture these moments on camera – capture them for all eternity. Even without the pics though, I want the feeling of these moments to be inked inside me, so deep that they can’t be erased.

5 thoughts on “Favorite Things”

  1. I wish there were a camera that could capture the way a moment feels. I’m a terrible photographer. I still take pictures because I want the visual but I think that’s why I always try to write something about the most important moments because I want to remember the sounds, the smells (most of the time) and the thoughts too, you know?

    1. If a camera could capture smell that would be amazing! And yes, if we could somehow attach our thoughts to the photos that we do take – think of how great that would be to leave to your kids or grandkids. A random stack of photos or a stack of photos that accurately expresses everything that each of the phots meant at the time. Would be very cool. I like your ideas!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, my gosh! Those photos convey one very happy family! Happy anniversary and many more!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Sigh, babies are amazing! What great little people to have as your favorites. :)

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