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A couple weeks ago, I had to go on a business trip up to Logan. It was my first time visiting the city and I was a little bummed out that I only had time to go directly to my meeting and directly back to work. The town was super cute and I thought that if only I had some extra time, that this little town would become a favorite destination for Nick and I. It is, after all, only about an hour from home.


This past weekend, we decided to head back up and see if the town was really as great as my drive-by impression of it.


Logan is lovely. The drive there is lovely. But did it have lots of little boutiques and places making it a “great town to walk around” – I don’t know. Certainly nothing stood out as “must see.” We found a great place for lunch (Heroes Sub Shop) and we found a really cool trail system running up the canyon (complete with rope swing into the river).


It’s not really what I had in mind for our Adventure in Logan. Sometimes though, “not what I had in mind” turns out to be better than “what I had in mind.”


Did I think I’d find a castle that serves the dual purpose of wedding/event receptions (the event that evening being a caged MMA fight) AS WELL AS a bail bonds shop? No. You can’t dream that stuff up. You just can’t.

Did I think we’d take a back road home? Well, yes, yes I did think we would do this – BUT, I was thinking we’d take the back road from Logan to Liberty…



Which we sort of did…


Lovely, right?


And things were a little crazy. Crying baby, a hungry Mackenzie, a bumpy unpaved, un-maintained road.



And then it was less lovely.


Less lovely as in, the gate at the end of our 13 mile trek through the wilderness was closed. Closed, locked, chained up and locked again.



I’d like to point out that this gate is within ten miles of our house – we could have been home! So… back on our 13 mile ride up the dirt road we went.


From the end of the dirt road to the highway should have been an easy trek – paved roads, a few short miles. Had we already been in Logan and did we know the way back from the major highway?


Sure. But are you really going to question the GPS when it leads you down another unpaved road. If you are sane, yes. No, no you are not.



We ended up on a mud road with tire treads 8 inches, maybe a foot, deep. Yeah. There are no pictures in the worst parts, I was too busy hanging on for dear life.


It was a loooooonnnnnng 6 miles. Like, we might die out here 6 miles. Or, I hope we get cell service and can call a tow truck when we get stuck 6 miles. Or, I hope there are even tow trucks out here 6 miles.


But, we made it.


I don’t know how the GPS picked this road.



I don’t know why this man decided to follow the maps guidance.



I don’t know how I ever could have planned my day going like that. Then again, it is way more memorable this way. I mean really, “hey remember when we went shopping in Logan?” OR “hey remember when we drove through the boonies only to get stuck at a gate and turn around and then drive through an even boonier boonies?” Yeah, that’s right, the latter is way better. That’s a memory that lasts.


And until we hit the carwash a few times, we’ll have other ways to remember the trip too.




This morning, it’s rainy and soggy. I have to say that I’m kind of enjoying it – rain is comforting to me. Not to mention that is helping out with that whole allergy fiasco. The rain paired alongside a lovely made-at-home latte capped off a nice relaxing breakfast.


Nick and I went on a fairly long (for me) run last night so I opted to snooze it a bit this morning. I think that now with my new work schedule and the fact that it stays lighter longer, I will switch over to afternoon workouts as opposed to crack-of-dawn ones.

Our run yesterday was absolutely lovely. We did the nature trail alongside Pineview Reservoir – the trail goes for just over 6 miles. Nick and I completed four miles before heading back to enjoy our dinner. Muffin loved running on the rocky, dirt trail so much more than our usual asphalt trail. Before we hopped in the car, we let her off leash for a bit and she immediately jumped in the river – leaping and bounding around. She was in paradise. She wasn’t so happy when we made her ride home in the back of the truck though. Sorry Muffin dog!


And now, I’m off to work. I hope you all have a fabulous day. See you for dinner :)

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