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This morning, I had a rather rude awakening. While I was still wrapped up cozy in my favorite blankie, Nick lobbed my suitcase from the closet to our bed, landing it directly beside my resting body. Then he flung the covers from me and started singing “good morning to you, to you, to you – we’re all in our places with bright shiny faces”

Ugh. I am sooooo not a morning person. Clearly, Nick is.

I whined and complained which only spurred Nick to act out more – sticking his icicle cold hands and feet all over my arms and legs – laughing at me and then serenading me with Bonnie Tyler’s “Turn Around.”

A rude awakening indeed. Luckily, he also brought me a cup of coffee. So, there was some reward to all of his madness. Love you Nick!

What’s the suitcase for you ask? Well, Nick and I are finally getting out of the city for our anniversary trip! We are headed up to Canyons in Park City for a weekend retreat – just the two of us. Among other things, I’m looking forward to not having to get up with Spencer at night AND not having to get up with Mackenzie at the crack of dawn on Saturday (that kid wakes up way too early…) I’m also looking forward to some alone time with Nick to roam the streets of PC, hopefully go on a tour of the mining shafts, dinners out and relaxing by the pool side.

Between me and that – a full day of work.

I have a lot I want to share this morning so this will be one of those random posts that doesn’t really tie together – forgive me. But then after, you can really thank me because honestly these are all worthwhile things to read or see.

Nick sent me a link to this photo collection this morning. I love all of these photos! It was hard to pick just one to share here but you get the idea of what’s in store.

Notice that the books are titled “Avoiding Blame for Dummies” and “How to Make a Mess and Blame it on Your Sister for Dummies.”

Go look at the rest of his photos! They are all extremely clever. I’m sure those girls will love having these pictures to look back on their childhood sometime in the future.

Next up, I want you to go read this article. A friend recently shared that on facebook and I really like this. I’m not really into the religious explanation of marriage but I very much appreciate the idea that marriage (and love) takes effort. A few quotes that really stuck with me:

  • “some people in our culture want too much out of a marriage partner. They do not see marriage as two flawed people coming together to create a space of stability, love and consolation”
  • “Love without truth is sentimentality; it supports and affirms us but keeps us in denial about our flaws. Truth without love is harshness; it gives us information but in such a way that we cannot really hear it.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts on that article so please come back and chat! Do you believe in the idea that we never marry the right person?

I also would like to call to your attention a few changes around the blog. I have updated the “What I’m Reading” page so go ahead and pop over there. You will notice that the blogs I follow are now on a separate tab. I would love your input for some new blogs to follow!!! Also, I have added a new tab to the “Recipe” page which is dedicated to recipes using Chobani. Finally, I updated my “About” page.

Finally, even though I mentioned that I update the reading page, I would like to draw special attention to the fact that I am reading Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess)’s new book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. It is absurd, irreverent and hilarious. Have any of you started her book yet? What do you think so far?

Alright guys, I’m off to tackle the work day. I won’t be around for this evening’s post so I’m wishing you all a fabulous weekend right now!

5 thoughts on “Rude Awakening”

  1. Nick says:

    Turn around, every no and then I get a little bit lonely and you’re never coming round!

    What about: Turn around, every now and then Kim puts on here grumpy pants, doesn’t turn around and dance!

  2. Anonymous says:

    your husband must be a treat
    photos are great favorite is the cracked egg also the rocket launch

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hope you have fun sitting pool side to relax and the mining shafts sounds like they would be fun to see. When we went to montana we walked through a mining village that sat above a mine but the day we were there the mine tour part was closed. Have a great weekend

    1. The mine tour was closed for us too – sounds like its only in the summers

  4. Robert says:

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you get in some great runs and find some new places to explore.

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