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Once upon a time I thought I could ride my bike from Salt Lake to Ogden, no big deal.

As you know, I stared bike commuting on Wednesday. Since my overall commute is 84 miles roundtrip I can’t bike the whole thing (yet!). There is also a super dangerous rode – where I crashed the truck – that I will never ride my bike on. Instead, I ride through the dangerous canyon with Nick and have him drop me off just on the other side. From there, I ride about 4 miles to the train station.

The train has these great bike compartment cars

This is not my bike but you get the idea…

Thirty-some miles later, I arrive in Salt Lake City. From there it is just about 3 miles to my office.

That’s only 14 miles throughout the day so I thought I’d just wear my regular clothes – no need for fancy biking gear.

But then, after work I got this brilliant idea: “what if I just skip the whole train thing and just ride my bike the whole way”

Now, to be fair, I did tell this idea to Nick and he was incredibly kind and supportive. “Okay,” he said, “keep me posted on where you’re at.”

And off I went.

Note to self: Do not trust BING maps. You know you love Google. You know you can trust Google. Don’t be misled by the preinstalled app on your Windows Phone – BING is not your friend.

The directions for “my location” to Ogden, selecting a “walking route” which should theoretically be a bike friendly route quickly led me to a freeway interchange and no options but to get on the highway or to continue due east. Okay friends, Ogden is due NORTH so going East for six miles was really not a happy choice.

I sort of got lost. And just as I started to get frustrated, I saw this sign.


I ended up going 13 miles before Nick called and said he’d already left work, picked the kids up from school and was on his way south to come find me.

Good thing too. I did 13 miles and ended up maybe seven miles outside of Salt Lake. I also want to point out that it took me forever to do those 13 miles! I got stuck at two different trains and had to sit and wait. Here’s the complete inefficiency of my route:


That put me at a total of 19 miles for the day. I use the Garmin Forerunner 405 to track my distance, time and pace. The 405 then syncs to my computer and online account which is where that handy little map you see comes from :)

Also, remember when I thought I wouldn’t need any fancy bike gear? Ha!

I could have used something a bit more athletic than skinny jeans and a pair of Tom’s.

Lessons learned my friends. Lessons learned!

Today, I’m riding the train sans bike so that I can pick up my car in the city and bring it home – bike commuting will resume on Monday and I can guarantee that I’ll be appropriately dressed.

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  1. OMG 13! Bless your heart – but hey you won’t do that again! you had the right intentions:)

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