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I never had a chance to post yesterday – the day was a bit too hectic to sit down and put together what I was thinking and what I was feeling. It was a rough day.

I’m going through a lot with my job right now and I put in my two weeks notice on Wednesday. Unfortunately that made for a hellish Thursday. Lots of yelling, lots of tension. I managed to stay strong all day – be kind, not react to the insanity around me, have a smile on my face. It wasn’t until almost midnight that the tears finally came. Boo on you mister yelling man.

I know that I’m sort of rambling and not really explaining. I can’t explain. Not yet. Maybe I will find the words another day.

I’m reminded of a book I read last fall: “The Anti 9-5 Guide” – a book I recommend to any woman trying to break into blogging or freelancing especially, but also to any woman who wants to work outside the trappings of a cubicle and structured schedule.

When I first wrote my review of that book I expressed my intentions to work through a checklist of items. Now, a little over six months later, I can tell you that I have made significant strides toward my goals. The good thing about writing down goals: even if you get lost along the way, you can look back at your goal list and see that you actually have come a long way – often farther than you realized.

Enough emotional career talk. Let’s talk about SUMMER.

Nick and I planned out a couple races to participate in over the rest of the summer and fall. I’m very excited that I am FINALLY training for a triathlon. If you’ve been reading for a while you know that I was set to do a tri back in January but got hurt in a car accident the day before. I’ve been doing physical therapy and I am sooooo ready to get back into the grind of training for something.

I’ll be putting together a few posts about training – what my plans are, what my goals are, etc.

For now – here’s the schedule of races:

August 19- Danskin Women’s Sprints Tri. Seattle, WA

September 23 – Xterra Half Marathon. Snowbasin (Huntsville), UT

November 25 – Acuity Marathon. Seattle, WA

Nick and I are also considering a duathlon (biking and running) which takes place right by our house. We have a wedding to attend right around then so travel arrangements will dictate whether we can partake in that race or not.

I’m excited!!! I put together my training plan last night and will officially be training for a tri starting on Tuesday.

Are you doing any summer races? How do you prepare – physically and mentally? Any advice for a first timer?

P.S. When I say racing, I totally don’t mean racing. Finishing and finishing strong is the only competition for me.

Both my dad and Nick’s dad are arriving in Utah tomorrow night and will be spending Memorial Weekend with us – we are hiking and exploring the Timpanogos Caves on Monday. I can hardly wait!

What are you doing for the long weekend??

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