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We are at the awesome age where Mackenzie now knows how to lie. I have no idea where he learned it from. I mean, we never tell him white lies like “the train station is closed right now, we’ll have to stop and look at the Polar Express when it reopens” or “the store was all out of fruit snacks, maybe next time.”

Yes, it is a bad habit and we’ve been called on our lies by little Mackenzie who now “knows too much.”

And yes, I realize that I can’t really get as upset as I want to while telling the rest of my story, in light of the fact that we, the parents, are just as guilty. Nonetheless, Mackenzie’s lying drives me insane.

I’m trying really hard to take the approach that “if you just tell me what you did, it will be so much better than lying.” Since the concept of lying is still really knew, I try using this tactic even when I know for absolute certain guaranteed that he is lying. Still, he lies straight to my face. I will tell him that I know he is lying, and still he wil deny, deny, deny.  I will remind him that it is the lying he will be in trouble for and would he like to try again, this time with the truth? Still, a bold face lie.

That little liar!

And yet, I’m reminded of a time I got into trouble in junior high – I was totally busted sneaking away from church with a friend. My friend’s dad caught us coming back and told my mom as well. I was caught red handed and I still continued to deny it! Sound familiar?

Man it sucks when the things you are most ticked off at your kids for turn out to be things you are guilty of too! Dang it! Perfection bubble bursted ;)

In other, unrelated news, the Ogden Marathon was this weekend and took place practically in our backyard.

(I totally stole these photos from someones facebook but they are really awesome shots)

We tried to avoid the mayhem of thousands of runners and a tight canyon road so we didn’t really see much of the race. However, Nick and I did drive by the finish line the night before – the street lights lightly illuminating the metal of the bleechers. Gave me goosebumps. Can you imagine what it feels like to cross that line – what it feels like to know you ran 26.2?

Inspiring. I want to feel that someday.

We also saw a few of the chalk notes along the path the next day when we went for a bike ride. People crack me up:

This one is typical – #1 runner. Ok, great.

Like a boss. Sure, that makes sense. You’re gonna run this marathon, like a boss.

But this one, I’m not really sure is very “encouraging.” Either it is a terrible depiction of a person running (which, by the way, is hard to draw on a flat surface) OR, it is a signal that you should lay down and re-enact a crime scene. One or the other. You as the runner can decide.

I looked up the results of Saturday’s race and they are pretty amazing. The first female finisher ended in 2:47 and the male ended in 2:13. Impressive.

We actually ran into a lady runner on Sunday while we were on a hike. She had on her race t-shirt and I asked if she ran on Saturday. She responded “yes, and I’m very tired.” Well, no kidding – you ran a marathon yesterday and you are half way up a mountain today.

Now, I’m catching the train and headed into the office. How dreadful on a sunny day like today…. I wonder if I could just push my desk outside to the front patio – if anyone would notice??


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