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You may remember that I wanted to do my first triathlon back in January. I trained and practiced and was set to go (sort of) but come race weekend, I crashed the truck the day before the real thing.

I wasn’t hurt too badly or too seriously but there was no way I could have participated in that race. In fact, I ended up going through physical therapy for quite a while before I even felt comfortable running. My hip took the brunt of the crash and I had anti-inflammatory meds to help ease the swelling. As it turns out, the car accident wasn’t my only problem, I have a problem with my hip called Degenerative Joint Disease which was only discovered when they did the post crash x-rays.

I’ve had problems with my hips for as long as I can remember but every time I’ve complained about the pain I’ve sort of been disregarded: in junior high the pain was blamed on “growing pains”, in high school and college it was blamed on “heavy back packs and bad posture”, when I was pregnant it was blamed on “joint separation as a natural preparation for baby.” Blah, blah, blah the reality is this: at some point in my life I dislocated my hip and it was never put back in the right positioning. Instead, my muscles have adjusted and support my hip in this weird “side saddling” as they call it. Had I ever had x-rays done, this would have been readily apparent as the joint shows long term mis-positioning and a wearing down of the cartilage and a bit of bone where the constant rubbing has caused damage.


Physical therapy helped quite a bit but I have a feeling that my hips will forever be a point of concern for me.

I’ve been mentally prepping for a triathlon ever since that car crash and just this past week started “officially training” once again. The race I’m doing is a “sprints tri” and consists of a half mile swim, a 12 mile bike ride and a 3.1 mile (5k) run.

I have 17 weeks!

I put together a training plan that layers Michael Pate’s Total Sprint plan along with Fitness Magazine’s 6 Weeks to a 5k and made changes as necessary to my time frame as well as my current abilities.

I’ll be sharing my schedule each week – both the scheduled training and what I actually end up doing – for better or for worse.

On that note, here’s the schedule for week one.

And here’s what I ended up doing

Monday: 3 mile hike at Timpanogos Caves

Tuesday:  6 mile trail walk at Pineview Trail; 9.5 mile bike ride at Ogden River Parkway

Wednesday: 7.5 mile bike ride at Ogden River Parkway (+6 mile bike commuting for work); 120 yds lap swim at home pool

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Swimming in Pineview Reservoir (first open-water swim, not sure the distance); (+4 mile bike commuting for work)

Saturday: 1.5 mile walk at home; 16 mile bike ride at Pineview Trail and around Pineview Reservoir

Sunday: 4 mile hike at Skullcrack Trail; swim at Pineview Reservoir (not sure the distance)

** Since I am already riding my bike for work, I am not including the commuting mileage as part of my “training” mileage – although, I do keep track of it :)

All in all it was a very active, outdoorsy week and I did lots more than the plan called for which makes me HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!

How do you prepare for a new type of race? Is it more mental or physical for you? Are you in need of some mental strength conditioning??

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