Pushed Past the Comfort Zone

Yesterday’s run was a bit easier than Monday’s walk. We followed the schedule and did our sequence of running three minutes, walking five minutes – four times repeated – down at the river front trail. Did we make it easier on ourselves this time? Sort of. I remembered to bring shoes and running clothes this time but we still had Mackenzie riding his bike.

That kid is so stinkin fast. I’m sure any kid seems fast when they are riding their bike and you are trying to keep up with them on foot. When it was time to run, Mack would speed up and push us to go even faster than we were comfortable with – whizzing up ahead and around corners of the trail so that our only option was to run harder and catch up with him. When it was a walking segment, Mack would slow down and keep pretty good pace with us.

I’ll admit that he is really pushing me and that I kind of like it. I like that it makes me work harder and I like that he is a part of the activity – not just sitting in the stroller getting pushed around. Like Spencer, that lazy boy ;) (In case you’re new around here, Spencer is our one year old)

I put a shout out on Facebook asking people where they had completed their runs. Man, some of y’all have some pretty impressive running spots! Here’s where we were:

IMG_5132 IMG_5139


And my mom, who is also doing the challenge, sent me a few pictures from her run as well. I tried to pick just one photo to share but I couldn’t decide!

DSC00753 DSC00755

DSC00750 DSC00752 DSC00757

I love this guys! Let’s keep encouraging each other and sharing our stories and photos.

Oh and I totally noticed a major typo on the running schedule :( Try as I might, I still make mistakes.

There should be an asterisk at the lower corner that says *On running days, start with a half mile walk to warm up.

Sorry if that caused any confusion for y’all!

Today is our rest day (according to the schedule) but I’m planning on doing a little yoga this afternoon. If you haven’t seen it already, Courtney at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life is doing a yoga thing all month long and people can link up to share their yoga workouts and favorite DVDs, etc. Check it out and maybe find a new workout or two!

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