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**This post is from Friday morning but never made it online due to some technical difficulties. Thanks for your patience friends :)

Yesterday I got to try a new-to-me place for lunch with one of my coworkers. At her suggestion, we went to Toasters at 151 West and 200 South.


I ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich and an iced latte. The sandwich was especially good but I was particularly surprised at how good my coffee was. Dare I say it was the best latte I’ve had since moving to Utah? Darn tasty!


After work I was off to another fun meet up with one of the gals I had met at the Jr League holiday mixer. We met at Maxwell’s in SLC which was a perfect choice for post-work drinks. I loved the space – at the bottom of the historic Boston Building, the architecture is amazing – and I’d love to come back here for dinner sometime.

Lucky for me, this little after work get-together meant that I had a train buddy for the ride back to Ogden.

Because I typically ride the train along, I inevitably end up with complete strangers divulging their life stories to me between stops. The past couple of days I have had some especially strange encounters on the train that have left me wondering if perhaps I have some sort of invisible-to-me sign that says “free therapy sessions here.”


The past week alone I have chatted with a young girl who was in a fight with her mother over not wanting to attend their church any longer, a man who recently gained custody of his teenage daughter who doesn’t seem to appreciate all that he has sacrificed in his fight to keep her in his life (not to mention it seemed as though he didn’t really understand all that she’s gone through and the walls she has built up in his absence), and also an elderly woman who instead of speaking to me just handed me a rather jumbled dissertation on religion throughout history and then asked for my commentary on the subject.

I don’t know why these people open up to me – I’m always working on my computer or busy writing notes or reading – them simply sit down next to me and start spilling their hearts. Probably because I’m a little crazy too ;)

more issues than a magazine

I’ll admit that I don’t mind nearly as much as I pretend to, and that the conversations have left me wondering if there is some greater purpose to my riding of the train. It just seems so random and yet so fitting to my own life. And we could all probably use some therapy around the holidays.


At any rate, its all a bit exhausting and I was happy to have a friend riding the train with me for once – and keeping the conversation on the lighter side.

Winter Blues Buster

It is the final day of our winter workout collection and today is all about busting out of the winter blues – which maybe haven’t hit yet because we’re still in the holly-jolly season (some of us, that is). For some of us winter, even the holidays can be a bit bluesy – call it seasonal depression, a shortage of Vitamin D, call it whatever you’d like…

This workout is about boosting our sprits via good music and riding that endorphin high :)

Winter Blues BusterYou can choose any 5 songs that make you happy. My songs were:

  1. Locked Out of Heaven
  2. Some Nights
  3. Beauty and a Beat
  4. I Will Wait
  5. Anything Can Happen

A couple of these moves might be new to you so I’ve shared a few photos below to help set things straight.

For the boat pose, you will start in a seated floor position with your knees up. As you lean backwards, engage your abs and extend your arms to help maintain your balance while slowly extending your legs upright.



For the caterpillar move, you will stand up tall and then folding at the waist, walk your hands out to a plank position – hold for a five count and then walk your hands in and back to standing position.



And look at these super cool drawings of the leg stretches to help you out ;)



And for the arm stretches:

image image image image


Happy work out!

I’m off to work for a few hours and then our office Christmas party. Have a great weekend :)

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