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Last night I had a fun meet up with the Junior League gals. I’m still really new to the group and getting to know everyone but its a great opportunity to sneak away for some girl time and I’m excited about all the various projects we’re working on as a group.

The Junior League of Ogden, JLO is celebrating their 60 year anniversary this year and we got to take a “field trip” up to the Special Collections room at Weber State University (WSU) last night. There, we had a wonderful presentation of the history of the league in Ogden – the beginnings of the Martha Society and Welfare League and how that progressed and grew, and eventually joined the National Association of Junior Leagues.

The Special Collections at Weber State were really impressive. Sarah Langsdon, the Associate Curator of Special Collections, gave us a fabulous run down of their collection – full of fun facts. Their most rare book is a copy of “A View of the Life of David” – apparently  WSU and then one other University in England are the only places in the world you can find this book. The oldest book in their care is a 1578 Bible which was so gorgeous. The oldest paper document they have is a 1337 land deed that they don’t even know which language it is in and needs to be sent to an archival linguist for further information. Sarah said their most valuable piece is either their signed copy of Hemingway’s Men Without Women, or it is their First Edition print of The Book of Mormon. Of course its the rough and tough past that makes Ogden’s story so much fun – like this lady…

Rose Davie (photo of Rose Davie used with permission from WSU Special Collections)

imageThe famed Rose Davie of the 205 25th Street, Rose Rooms – funny enough 205 25th is where we were the other night for the Alleged Preview. And the bathrooms in the new bar have the names of the women painted above each door frame… You can see photos of the newly renovated space here. The accompanying newspaper clipping is from the Deseret News digital collection on Google.

Sarah’s presentation was very interesting and I know that one of these Friday afternoons when I don’t have freelance meetings, I’ll be heading back to peruse through at least two of their collections which caught my eye – the Chamber of Commerce photo collection and the County Assessors photo collection, both of which document the buildings and some of the events that have taken place in the last 100+ years.

Sarah and her assistant were kind enough to pull their entire Junior League of Ogden collection and have it set up for us to view old records, meeting minutes and event photos. It was very cool. For some of the items that were older, we were asked to wear gloves while handling the papers and books.

WP_001848 WP_001849

Probably one of the most interesting things was being able to look over the names of the old members (and see their addresses!) because Ogden is one of those towns where people settled and then stuck around, so the names we were seeing in the old Junior League records are also the family names you see all over downtown. I already knew that a lot of prominent Ogden women had been the originators of the League but it was so cool to see their handwriting to sign in for meetings or to sign off on the club funding records.

I know, I know, I’m a total nerd but I love this stuff. Now, I promised a giveaway post today so let’s move on to that :)

Makeover Time

I’m not a super “girly-girl” – when it comes to makeup I prefer simplicity over trend. On a daily basis I wear a tinted moisturizer/sunscreen and a hint of blush. For “fancier” days I might even put on mascara. It is a pretty rare occasion these days that I pull out eye shadow – even for date nights.

But, I met up with my friend Clarissa last week for a facial and mini makeover. Clarissa is my Mary Kay rep and I met her just a month after we’d moved to Utah. I’ve been getting my skincare and makeup from her since then, though I’m pretty sure I’m the worst customer ever because I simply don’t do a whole lot with makeup. I do love their skincare line though – especially their night and day solution.

Clarissa was looking to do 100 facials in the month of January and I told her I’d be happy to help her reach her goal.


We started out by going through their basic skin care line. Starting from the top left: Lip mask then rinse off, followed by a lip balm. Facial cleanser followed by the microdermabrasion and then the rejuvenating vitamins that are step 2 of microderm. Day solution, night solution and the daily moisturizer (you would only use either the day or night solution depending on the time of day, not both together as we did during the facial). Finally we used an eye cream and then a foundation primer as we moved from the facial portion to the makeover part of my appointment.


Clarissa let me pick a color card selection for a “look” that I would like and feel comfortable wearing. I chose this one called “tawnies” because it was fairly neutral and didn’t look too scary. There was another one I liked that had more green and earth tones – she let me bring that color card home to play with on my own so when I do use that “look” I’ll be sure to post another photo. WP_001806I really like these little look cards. The back side has the actual makeup samples and then tips/instructions for application. I decided to go with the “dramatic look” and layered all three colors as shown in the diagram. We followed that up with a bit of brown eyeliner and brown mascara then a light sweep of blush.

WP_001806 The very last step was the lipstick. The color card had a small tear-off sample – you actually bend this black card in half and “smooch” between your lips in order to apply the lip color. Kind of funny but it gets the job done.

The outcome…

Facial BeforeFacial After

I hadn’t worn any makeup or skin care products to the appointment. I simply washed my face and threw my hair in a pony tail. For the after photo I wish I had put my hair down and smiled – geesh. Anyway, I really liked the look and feel as I wore the makeup throughout the day. It wasn’t heavy or cakey feeling. In fact, I forgot I even had it on until I got home and Nick was oohing and over how I looked.

I ended up purchasing the firming eye cream because I loved how thick it was. Eye cream is typically very light (which is nice for that early morning wake up routine) but I like this one because it’s actually firming and will help prevent wrinkles and crows feet. I also bought the brown eyeliner.

I love that every time I visit Clarissa she throws in some extra goodies for me. Along with my cream and eyeliner, she added in a mini set of the “night restore and recover complex” which includes the microdermabrasion steps 1 and 2 as well as a night restoring cream. I’ve used the set once since my facial and I love how clean and silky my skin felt afterwards.

What’s in it for you?!

Okay so it’s all fine and well that I got to have a fun facial and get some new skincare and makeup stuff – but why do you care? Well, Clarissa is offering a $25 gift certificate and free facial to one of The Family Practice readers! Simply leave a comment on this post for a chance to win. Even if you aren’t here locally in Utah you can enter to win – Clarissa will do out of state makeover parties via Skype.

What else?

Check out Clarissa’s Facebook Page to stay up-to-date on current makeup trends and any special deals she is offering. She posts “look of the week” to give inspiration as well.

image image

There’s an additional chance to win by “liking” her Facebook page because she is doing another $25 gift certificate giveaway once she reaches 50 fans – let’s help her reach her goal.

Shopping from Mary Kay, or Avon, or any of these others – is just one of the ways I choose to shop local. Yes, the companies are big, brand names. But the people I’m buying from are moms, dads, friends of mine – people that are just trying to make it the same as you and me and I personally want to support them in their endeavors. Feel free to check out Clarissa’s online store for more products and information.

Alright, to enter simply leave a comment below. Tell me which look you would like to try, tell me why you deserve to win, tell me what you’d most want to try, or just plain old say hi. Any comment is good for an entry (duplicate entries will not be counted).

I will randomly select a winner on Wednesday, February 13th – consider it an early Valentine’s present :)

3 thoughts on “Special Collections and a Girly Giveaway”

  1. Heather G says:

    I love the blues and browns.

  2. Stephanie says:

    It would be so fun to get to look for through all the old books and I like the way the makeup you chose looks light and very beautiful on you. I hope Mack gets better soon

  3. Criss says:

    I really like the ” after photo”. It doesn’t even look like you are wearing makeup. I won’t enter the contest because I’m in Washington, but I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed this post.

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