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Yesterday I posted a yummy chocolate cake recipe and ran out of time to share any of our weekend adventures. You guys will have to bear with me as I get myself into this new work schedule and learn how life’s puzzle pieces all fit together. I’ve said it before but life is a constant adjustment in balance.

Anyway, before the cake, we had left off with Valentines Day and me headed to my second day of training at my new job. So let’s start there…  grab a cup of coffee, this post is a bit long!


When I was done with work I met up with my new friend Mindy for lunch at A Good Life Cafe on Ogden’s Historic 25th Street (or as the cool kids say, h25). I ordered the split pea soup with golden sweet potatoes and a half “Fresh Mozz” sandwich which went un-photographed :( The soup was good but the sandwich was absolutely fantastic.

A Good Life Cafe Ogden 25th Street

Having lunch and a bit of fuel, I went home to change for my afternoon run. First of all, this is my favorite workout top – from Lululemon. Their stuff is ridiculously expensive and I have exactly five things from Lulu. I do love each item, but it’s pretty hard to justify the cost. Especially when it’s made overseas just like the rest of the brands (stepping off soup box now…) Secondly, I obviously never mastered the art of the myspace photo. I still cannot take a photo of myself in the mirror to save my life. Third, I keep buying these Chobani Champion yogurt tubes telling myself they are for the kids. But I love them! They are perfect to grab before heading out on a run (yogurt is my favorite pre-run food and gives me protein, sugar, and no side ache)

Chobani Champions for Adults

Once I put in my miles, I needed to shower and get ready for my fun girls night. My friend Caitlin had invited me to join her girls group for Downton Abbey.

Girls Night Wine and Dinner

I had never seen the show so they gave me the run-down of the first two episodes and we watched the third episode (where the real drama is introduced) after a yummy dinner and a few glasses of wine. Wine really is the best part of any girls night. Shoot, I’ve watched all kinds of things: the OC, True Blood and a few of the Twilight movies all in the name of good wine and girl talk. In that same regard, I wasn’t really expecting to like Downton Abbey but I think this is a show I could actually get into. I had to leave a bit early so I could get home and have a decent amount of sleep before Saturday morning, but I’ve promised Caitlin I would watch the episodes I missed and be ready for the next viewing – and wine drinking – party :)


The reason I needed to get up early Saturday morning? A 10k bright and early. Though the race didn’t start until 8am, I was wide awake at 5 – a little too excited to go out and run? Perhaps. Poor little Muffin Dog was so excited to see me lacing up my running shoes – she whimpered and whined, clawed at the back door and just stared at me in disbelief when I told her there were no dogs allowed.

Muffin Dog

An incredibly gorgeous morning for a run, the course was also a perfect viewing point for the sunrise and to watch as the fog lifted from the valley.

Striders Winter Racing Circuit 10k

This 10k was part of the Striders Running Winter Racing Circuit, which I mentioned was part of a larger series of runs in preparation for the Ogden Marathon. While I had known about the run for quite a while, I hadn’t actually signed up until after my lunch with Mindy where she sort of called me out for not being signed up. I’m glad she brought it up, and I’m glad I signed up. Wooo – I can now say I’ve done a 10k! At the finish line, I met up with Mindy and her neighbor.

Striders Winter Racing Circuit 10k

I love the shirts too! Added bonus! You can’t really tell from the picture but the shirt is breathable mesh-like fabric which will be great as we start running outside again.

Striders Winter Racing Circuit

Nick and I actually had a 6 mile run on the training schedule for Saturday so as soon as I was home from the 10k (my six miles), Nick headed out to put in his six miles. Which meant I was left with two of the most awesome-possum baking helpers in the west.

WP_001953 WP_001954I don’t know if you guys are aware, but you should always take your pants off, wear sunglasses and dance before baking. It’s a secret ritual but Spencer knows what’s up.

Once we had finished our baking, run our errands, gone grocery shopping and picked up a few lattes we decided to stop in and try Javier’s for dinner. There are several Javier’s locations around town but the Harrisville one looks especially cute from the outside – its a converted old gas station from the looks of it.

Javier's Mexican Harrisville

We also had a coupon for a free dinner entree with the purchase of another entree which meant our entire family ate out, plus drinks for $30. Brilliant!

The food was really good, not super salty like most Mexican restaurants and their rice was really unique. Nick ordered the enchiladas which came out totally different than either of us had expected – you can almost see them in the back-right of this photo – they were flat and crispy. Nick said they were great. I ordered the Idaho de Lujo burrito which was also really good.

We spent the rest of our evening in tickle fights and the boys watched a movie together which resulted in broken bits of popcorn all over our master bedroom floor and bedding. They say that some day “you’re going to miss these moments” but truth be told, popcorn all over my sheets is something I could live without.


Just try to tell me that these monster bowling pins are not the cutest thing ever. I dare you. One of Spencer’s presents for Christmas and we’ve already lost the “bowling ball” so we were using a wiffle ball instead. Still fun. I like that, unlike their plastic counterparts, these pins are quiet when they fall down – meaning this is a great activity for early mornings when big brother (or dad) is still sleeping.

Monster BowlingMonster Bowling

Find them on Amazon: Melissa & Doug Monster Plush Bowling Game

The rest of our Sunday was spent exploring Antelope Island. Our first trip to the island in the winter time, we were totally blown away by the scenery. In the summer, you can see across Salt Lake over to Syracuse, down to Bountiful and even spy some of Salt Lake City. Not this trip. It feels like your on a desert of ice. That once you’ve cross the seven-mile causeway that links the “main land” to the island, that you’ve somehow been transported to the arctic circle.

Antelope Island in WinterAntelope Island in Winter

After leaving the island, we were totally confused at what this ice sculpture (?) was – it’s probably twenty feet tall, straight up and then curving at the very top. It’s just water, there’s no tree hiding under there, nothing. I don’t get it. How did this happen??

Proof That Mr Freeze Exists


Mr FreezeHe does exist! ;)

We also stopped in for some lunch on our way back from Antelope Island. I know this is a healthy living blog, but the reality is we are normal people and we stop for burgers too :) I just discovered Arctic Circle about two weeks ago when I decided to stop in and get the kids and I a quick meal for a “date” while Nick was working late. I was really impressed with how good their burgers were (especially since the price is about the same as McDonald’s).

Arctic Circle

When I saw there was an Arctic Circle on the way to the island I told Nick we should stop in their for lunch. The kids played on the indoor playground for a bit too which was a nice break from being stuck in the car during our island excursion. I may have been impressed by their food on my first visit, but this time, having eaten inside the restaurant, I was really impressed by how clean everything was (including the play area) and the exceptional customer service. Twice we had someone come out and ask how we were doing, if we needed anything or if they could take any trash for us. The second time, the lady offered us “courtesy cones” which we didn’t understand. It’s a free mini ice cream cone for the kids. How cool is that?

We try not to frequent fast food places all that often, but I know now that when we are out and about and need to stop in someplace quick that I’m going to be on the lookout for Arctic Circle rather than McDonald’s. I really, really dislike MikkieD’s so it will be nice to have an alternative (that’s just as cheap, a bit healthier and that the kids like just as well) going forward.

I thought they were just a Utah thing but looking at their website, they are all over the Northwest (ID, MT, WY, OR and one in WA).

Question of the Day:

When you guys need to stop in for something quick, where do you go? When you’re on a road trip or in a hurry, what’s your go-to fast food choice?


4 thoughts on “Mr. Freeze Exists! Here’s Proof”

  1. janetha says:

    Arctic Circle used to be my jam back in the day. I would get a cheeseburger and a kid’s cone almost every day before class because there is one right next to SLCC. For fast food, they do have awesome burgers.

    When I have to get something quick I usually opt for Chipotle or a sandwich shop if I can find one–just not Subway.. I can’t stand Subway. On road trips I just make sure to stock up on travel snacks so I don’t have to do fast food.
    janetha recently posted..all or nothing.My Profile

    1. Kimberly says:

      We pack stuff as well and I think that’s the best option. With kids though it is so hard because they inevitably end up still wanting “something else” and the alluring draw of those neon-bright signs is tough to compete with when you’re in the car for hours on end. I do love Chipotle – wish there was one closer!

  2. Stephanie says:

    When we are out and need a place to eat the kids like Arby’s but we dont eat out a lot so it is a treat to them. We used to have an artic circle here and they were really good. I love Spencers ritual he is so cute and Aaron says that Mack and Spencer are so silly.

    1. Kimberly says:

      I always forget about Arby’s! Yeah, the boys think any fast food is a special treat – not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…

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