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Good morning and happy Monday! I was the crazy mom that decided to walk her son to school today. It was gorgeous but it was also –2*. Yes. Negative. Two.

Ben LomondAs we walked, Mack and I talked about the coming week – how he would get new spelling words and sight words to memorize, how he would get to open a couple more days on his advent calendar (can you guess what they’ll be?) and about spending Christmas vacation with family.

We have some big changes coming up and Mack is full of questions. All seemingly silly things that as grown ups we take for granted. For instance, he’s worried that by us saying “next year” referring to 2014, he won’t be with the same teacher and he’ll miss his friends. He’s worried that Santa won’t know we’re in Seattle and not at our house here in Utah. He’s asking me about playing LEGOs with his friends and if he can have a bunk bed so Spencer doesn’t get lonely. His brain is going, nonstop.

So I try my best to answer all of his questions, most importantly that Santa does know we’ll be in Seattle and he won’t leave your presents to blow away in the snow. We’ll be fine. But I love hearing his view of the world. A reminder of the simple. The real. It’s grounding.

Winter Fitness Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you’re already having a hard time keeping up your fitness routine now that it’s getting darker earlier and our schedules are filled to the brim with holiday activities and the accompanying menagerie of over-indulging foods. And wine. And cocktails. So…what to do? Well, for one, I’m hitting up Planet Fitness to make sure I keep my little body active. *If you don’t have a gym membership, January is always a great time to get one because gyms offer steep discounts in support of the whole new years resolutions gym goers.* But, I’m also stock-piling circuit workouts and at home programs too.

A few of my favorites:

Tight Abs and Tush –20 minute Ballet-Inspired Workout via Fitness Magazine

20 Minutes Total Package – via Shape Magazine

No Equipment Needed Travel Workout – via Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

Get Your Heart Rate Up – via Peanut Butter Fingers (although I sub out the dead lifts because I don’t have that equipment at  home)

And don’t forget the DVDs:

My all-time favorite at-home workout is Bob Harper’s Kettlebell Cardio Shred. It kicks my butt each and every time. I actually like all of the DVDs in the Inside Out Method series. There’s a

I also love Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack.

Geesh! Guess I have a thing for those Biggest Loser trainers :) All I need is a couple DVDs from Dolvett and what d’ya know? The gangs all here!

What else:

I think the big “it gift” in fitness this year is the Fit Bit Flex. If you haven’t already heard of this little gadget (which I at first wrote off as a silly little gimmick), it’s a pretty handy little gadget. It basically tracks your entire life – how many steps you take, your active minutes, monitors your sleep, wakes you up peacefully, tracks your progress towards goals and it even syncs with Apple and Android gadgets too. People who wear them, my sister included, swear by the things.

Question of the Day: Do you use workout DVDs? What are some of your favorites? Also, are any of you guys using a Fit Bit? Should I ask for one for Christmas?

2 thoughts on “Staying Fit all Winter Long”

  1. Liz says:

    I have the older fit bit and I really like it. I have looked into getting the new one but I can’t bring myself to pay for what’s really a strle preference and not improved function. but if you’re juust getting one I think the watch is more convenient.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love my fit bit one, it is fun some days just to see how much I move at work and how many times I get up at night and it also keeps me accountable in my workouts. I love Bob Harper’s kettlebell dvd and his yoga dvd. I also do some basic challenge workouts with some groups I joined on facebook and I run around the living room to get in miles when it is cold out or cant get outside to run. I have also done some of the workouts or challenges you have posted in the past.

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