Two Miles to Boredom

It always feels weird taking a vacation that runs through the early part of the week; yesterday felt like Monday to me and now I can hardly comprehend that it’s almost the weekend.

Today I’ve got a full day of meetings and several really fun get togethers.

At noon I get to attend a coffee cupping with local roaster Daily Rise, as well as tour their roasting facility. I’m working with the owner on a project totally separate from anything coffee but this is a nice little perk! No pun intended :)

In another lifetime, it feels, I was a black apron coffee master at Starbucks. I spent the six month training sampling a plethora of coffees from all different regions, comparing and contrasting scents, tastes, and pairings. I had always wanted to go to a coffee cupping at the SBUX roasting plant, a rare privilege which I was offered a handful of times, though never able to attend. I’ve waited ten gosh dang years to get to do this and today is my day!

Later in the day I get to meet up with the Ogden Young Professionals for our monthly mixer. As always, I’m really looking forward to connecting with the group and checking in on people’s projects, new developments, and just to catch up with friends. We have a really good line up of presenters as well, representing Visit Ogden, Ogden City Economic Development, Weber State University and Hack Ogden. It’s going to be a great night!

Meanwhile, Mack is at school today and eagerly awaiting his class Valentine party. He spent quite a bit of time putting then all together last night.

Pretty cute huh?

They don’t have class tomorrow, hence the day-early celebration.

Alright, I better run!

Oh, speaking of run, real quick…. let’s talk about treadmills and marathon training.

I know two things at this point: 1) Anything more than two miles on the treadmill and I am bored out of my mind. 2) Training runs are longer now and I need to get my miles in. So…… I need the weather to cooperate for outdoor runs ASAP. I was so much happier running in the sunshine of Zion :)

At least our dinner looked cheerful and bright!


Question of the day: How do you stay entertained on the treadmill?


  • I feel like the first two miles on a treadmill are torture. After that, I get lost in running and can keep going. I actually love watching all of the numbers and try to beat my time/pace.

  • Nick

    I stare off into TV land. If there is a good show on I can run the miles. Emily, I don’t know how you watch the numbers!! I have to put a magezine over the numbers so that I don’t think about them. When I watch them the time DRAGS!

  • gary

    I watch TV on the treadmill. I have only been to the gym 9 times in 13 days and now TV is boring already! I have no idea for you.
    Nice pun, intentional or not.
    It has only been 7 weeks and I already miss Mack and Spencer.
    Mack sure looks great in that picture.

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