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We had a really great Valentine’s weekend, did you?

Nick had planned the weekend and everything was a surprise to me, except that I knew I was supposed to wear a dress.

Valentines 21014

On Friday night Nick took me to Salt Lake for dinner at Sapa followed by a Tango lesson and open dance floor.

Sapa Sushi Salt Lake CityWe ordered a couple different rolls, including the Maui Wowie, shown above, which is topped with sliced mango and crushed macadamia nuts. If that’s not the taste of summer, I don’t know what is.

Our Tango lessons were just down the street from dinner and we checked in just in time for the class to get started.

The class was an hour long, focusing on the basics of American Tango (social dancing) and then an open dance floor for the people in our class as well as the two swing dancing classes happening simultaneously to all get to use their newly learned skills.

I may or may not have spent a majority of the free dance time huddled around the chocolate fountain, dipping pretzels.

IMG_2181  Busted!

I had a 10k early on Saturday morning, so I kind of messed up Nick’s plan to stay the night in SLC. He bumped the hotel room to Saturday night instead and we headed home after our dance lessons.

The 10k was really great. This was the Strider’s Winter Racing Circuit which is part of the Ogden Marathon prep race series.


Hey bathroom selfie! I had to take a selfie just for Nick, his current funny theme song: Selfie.

Anyway, I had a good run. The weather was great and I felt strong throughout the run.

And a new sense of motivation comes from…


That darn chip on my shoe!

I felt like I had a decent enough run (perhaps this is my problem, not having any goal time…) but when I realized that our times were posted and I could see my name there in the line up compared to every one else… well, I don’t love the results.

I know I always say that we should just be competing with ourselves, but check this..when I went back and looked at my time from this exact 10k last year, I realized that I had added 6 minutes to my finishing time! WTF KIM?!!!

That’s news I definitely don’t love. Speed work, here I come.

I know two things: 1) I need a running playlist ASAP, I’ve been running “naked” and I definitely need the music to keep me on pace 2) I need to push myself harder. I CAN DO BETTER, and I will.

Race over and done, Nick and I picked up on our Valentine’s date where we left off. We headed back to Salt Lake for a fun evening out and a hotel stay in the big(ger) city :)

We even got to go out for breakfast before coming home :) WP_004830

Diners for breakfast are my favorite. We rarely do it (I mean really, look how unhealthy this is…) but I decided to go all out, special occasion and all that.


Back at home, look how cute these boys are! My mom got them matching outfits to do a mini photo shoot before she had to catch a plane back to Washington.

Mack and Spencer I really appreciate that my mom watched the boys while we were in Salt Lake for our dates, both Friday night and overnight on Saturday – but I think the boys really had way more fun than if mom and dad would have been there. They baked cookies and brownies, played Wii, had a movie night, made jello and got to have hot cocoa with whip cream they made themselves. Lucky kiddos :)

They’re both pretty sad that Grandma Brenda is gone now. Mack cried his eyes out at bed time last night, Spencer was just bummed his candy supply has vanished ;) Just kidding mom, he misses you too!

Today I’m working on a bunch of tiny details for several different projects. Finishing touches, that type of thing. I’m also trying to figure out how the rest of the month is going to work out – both Nick and I have a lot of travel in the next two weeks and have some shuffling to do in order to make everything fit.

I’m also incredibly excited that it’s nice enough out for Nick and I to do our run OUTSIDE today! Woohoo!

Marathon Training88 days to the marathon!

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Weekend”

  1. gary says:

    Kim, Your 10 k is only one minute per mile slower than last year. That is not significant!
    Nice weekend!

  2. Brenda says:

    What fun those boys are! Miss them a ton already!

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