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This weekend we took a mini vacation to celebrate spring break with the boys. Originally, I thought Nick was going to be out of town and decided it would be fun to take the boys on a date to a hotel with a pool. Nick’s work trip got pushed back and so he was able to come with us!

Our weekend actually started with an overnight trip to Idaho Falls to see one of our friend’s perform at a local wine bar. We hit up a small brewery for dinner and then headed to her show where we got to hear her tunes and also meet a beer rep for a new-ish brewery out of the Boise area.

Even though that trip was a lot of fun, I’ve been dealing with some stomach issues and was pretty much in misery by the end of the evening and during the drive home. I slept all day Saturday and luckily, felt decent enough on Sunday morning for us to go on our weekend date with the boys.

We stayed at Park City Peaks which has a really cool pool area – the indoor pool has a trap door leading out to the outdoor swim area with an additional hot tub – all of which is open 24 hours.

Nick had to leave early Monday morning in order to make it to work but I took the day off and spent the whole day spoiling the boys and soaking up the sunshine J

Even after we got back home, we bought a pool to set up in our own yard and enjoy popsicles, a water fight, and lazy lizard lounging.


Today I am starting a new budget for myself – only $25 a week for spending, whether that’s coffee, lunch with friends, or whatever. Things I need to purchase like gas for my car, groceries, etc all have their own budget so they’re not effected. I think $25 is completely reasonable and yet, I’m embarrassed to think what I’ve spent over the last couple weeks. So..a budget it is!

I’ve spent the day in meetings so far and am getting ready to head to another one, just popping in here to say hello!

Why so many meetings??

This street!

I’ve been in meetings for park proposals, farmer’s market arrangements (which you see aerial layouts of), art projects and coming up marketing initiatives – all for Historic 25th Street.

Sometimes I think “how did I get myself into these things?” But the truth is, I want to be a part of all this and I’m very lucky to even get a chance to have my voice heard in all of these conversations. It’s a pretty cool town that we live in, to be a twenty-something and have a chance to present in city hall. I feel lucky, that is.

Also today I put in my 3 mile run for the day and am really working on my mental preparation for the marathon – less than a month away now!

Everyone I know has pulled out of the race, including my own husband. BUT, I want this so bad and though my training has not been what it should be, and I am not as ready as I would like to feel, I think this is a huge opportunity to prove myself – to me. I have a 30k this weekend and that should be a good confidence builder. In the meantime, this little engine is chugging “I think I can, I think I can.”

P.S. I am LOVING my new book “Paper Towns” and I also started a new one at the pool this weekend “Raven Stole the Moon” – I recommend both J Book report to follow!

2 thoughts on “Mini Vacation with the Boys”

  1. Brenda says:

    I want to be a lazy lizard lounging, but the weather hasn’t been exactly cooperating here.
    Mid 50″s? Oh well, I’m enjoying my run/walks anyway!

  2. Brenda says:

    Oh, and by the way, I know you can, I know you can! Take your time and I know you’ll do great on the marathon!

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