The End of Everything and the Beginning of More


Today was a bit of a hectic day for me. It’s the last day for Eat Local Challenge pickups as well as the last night at Oasis Summer Nights. Besides the usual hubbub of a Eat Local day, I had quite a bit of work to plow through this morning and then went to my [...]

Stuffed Poblano Peppers


*Recipe provided by Mikaela of Indie Ogden as part of our Eat Local Challenge* Mikaela says: “I used corn, jalapeno, tomato, onion and garlic from the box but everything else is from the Mexican market.” She’s referring to Ranch Market which is right here in our neighborhood and features many made-in-house treats as well as [...]

Primal Pit Paste: Product Review


If you’re following along on Instagram then you may have already realized that I’ve made the switch to natural deodorant. That small jar front and center is Primal Pit Paste, which my sister gave me about three weeks ago. I’ve been trying to make the switch to natural for about ten months. A friend of [...]

Overstuffed Pattypan Squash


*Recipe provided by Mikaela of Indie Ogden as part of our Eat Local Challenge* Mikaela says: “I love this recipe! It’s so easy and quick to make and you can use any veggies you have in the fridge.  You can also wrap them up in foil and take it camping and cook it at your [...]

Eat Local Challenge Week 3

Eat Local Challenge Salsa Package

Last night was the third pick up for Eat Local. What a beautiful week! I posted this photo on Instagram yesterday, a glimpse at some of the produce Eat Local participants would be receiving in their care packages. Here’s the full collection! Rosehill Dairy 2% Milk Canyon Meadows Ranch Tomato Basil Beef Bratwurst Butcher’s Bunches [...]