LNU and Life Mantras


You might remember that I mentioned I received a scholarship to attend a leadership retreat back in September. I thought I’d be able to post a recap of the weekend the Monday I returned but life has been insane since then (I now have TWO work retreats to recap) and I kept thinking I’d get [...]

Life Cleanse

Cilantro Tacos

Today has been one of those days where I feel like I’ve given my whole life a bath. I worked from home all day today while the rain pitter-pattered on my windows. I love it. While the rain alternated between drizzle and downpour, I alternated between hot coffee and chai. I spent the first part of [...]

College Towns


I spent most of the day yesterday working from home. I love those days. My home office is one of my most favorite places even though right now it’s a big mess and I need to spend a solid morning filing things away and clearing up the clutter so it looks like this again. (fun [...]

Free Weekend!!


This was our first free weekend in what feels like forever. Between Farmer’s Market set up (which starts at 5:45 am on Saturdays) to One Ogden shifts at the temple open house, family stuff and everything else, we haven’t had an entire weekend free to us to just “do” in a really long time. My [...]

The Girls Go to Wendover


I’ve never been to Vegas; never been to Nevada. I’m on a mission to cross off all fifty states and have fun while I’m doing it. Vegas has never really appealed to me much and since Wendover is a quick drive from Ogden, and significantly cheaper, we’ve been plotting a girls trip to Wendover for [...]