Keys to Happiness

Happy Faces

The other day as I was getting ready to settle in for an evening at home I realized something strange… I was happy. Not bubbling over, loud, visible happy – just comfortable, at peace, content, happy. And I’ll be honest that finding myself happy like that mid-January is a bit of a shock. Winters are [...]

PNW Christmas 2014 Pt 1

Practicing Guitar

We took a rather long Christmas break in the Pacific Northwest this time around. Mack was out of school until the 6th and since Nick and I are both able to work on a flex schedule (and remotely if necessary) we really took advantage of the time. Vacation sort of started with Mack getting out [...]

LNU Education Day (3)


Yesterday I spent another day devoted to learning more about this little community of ours. Our LNU crew started the day at the Chamber offices to rehash where we have been and discuss our project a bit more. As you may remember, we have monthly education days through June and though a big portion of [...]

Gift Local Christmas Boxes


As promised, I waited to post the contents of the Gift Local Christmas Boxes until after Christmas. Whether you gave, received or sat on the sidelines to see – here’s the skinny on everything inside! The three gift-box themes are: The Naturalist (shown above), Land-Locked Sea Lovers (blue), and Heart Warmers (red). The Naturalist Hippie [...]

LNU Education Day (2)


I spent the day with my LNU crew today exploring community issues in Weber County, primarily centered around homelessness. We had time to sit together as a group and discuss some general concepts of leadership and catch up with one another before venturing out on our tour for the day. We met with the Weber [...]