The Week on Tap


I know I posted this super melodramatic post yesterday and to be fair, it was really important to me to get that all out in the open and off my chest. Yes, I’m still struggling and yes, I will continue to work through a lot of things. BUT, there’s also a ton of great things [...]

Vulnerability. A return to blogging.


The last time I posted in this space was February 27th. More than a month ago. It’s funny, abandoning this blog, I have received more requests for partnership in the last month, not writing, than when I was writing. If that’s not a blow to my ego and my efforts, well I really have no [...]

Three Things Thursday 2


Yay! Another three things Thursday to fill in the gaps of life that don’t always warrant a full post. I’m traveling today so let’s dive right in! 1. I’m headed to a conference in Ft Lauderdale. I was chosen as a delegate for our Ogden chapter Junior League to attend a conference put on by [...]

The Blue Light Goal


Yesterday afternoon I attended a luncheon for Women in Business, a sub group of the Chamber of Commerce. The guest speaker was Kristen Cox, Executive Director of Workforce Services here in Utah. She spoke about problem solving and how losing her sight allowed her to “see” problems differently. I want to share a few notes [...]

Three Things Thursday


I am starting a new thing here on the blog…there’s oftentimes random thoughts or thought collections that don’t really fit in anywhere else on the blog or fall into the normal dialogue here but are still worth sharing. So for the next little while, I’ll be posting “Three Things Thursday” to share some of those [...]