Work Tricks + Burch Creek

Thai Garden Soup Skillet

Coming back from vacation is always a trick. Trying to jump right back in with your regular programming, while also playing email catch-up. Want to know my trick for getting through it all? Structure your time. I set the first part of my morning to sit down and figure out what my priorities are for [...]

A Problem at Body Pump

Twix Craving

You guys know I absolutely love Body Pump. Love it. So it’s probably no surprise that I missed it while I was on vacation and was eager to get to the Monday afternoon class. Unfortunately, I had a bit of a problem at my class. I neeeeeddd to start recognizing my body alerting me to drops in [...]

Crabbing + Sushi Making

Beach Deck

Our Friday plans got a little switched around a little bit and we ended up going out on the boat with the whole gang so they could experience crabbing on the Puget Sound. We fed the seagulls, rescued Sponge Bob, and caught some crabs. It was fun Back at the beach house we took a [...]

Field Trip to Snohomish


After our fun day at the beach house it was a good day to get out for some adventuring around the area. I took my friend on a little driving tour of Downtown Everett including Colby Avenue which is a lot like Ogden’s Historic 25th Street. We also drove through Rucker Hill, a quick drive [...]

She’s a Clam Digger

Beach Combing

Today I did something I have never done before, which might surprise you given that I grew up on Puget Sound. I dug for clams! When our friends arrived in town one of the first things we did was take them down to the beach where the boys showed them how to find baby crabs, [...]