Weekend Recap


I took the day “off” on Friday to help with Witchstock preparationsā€¦ (oh sure, like you’ve never volunteered for something and wound up in a coffin) And since Nick was gone all week (Sunday through Wednesday in Alabama and then a ridiculously long work day on Thursday) I was eagerly awaiting 4 o’clock when he [...]

LNU and Life Mantras


You might remember that I mentioned I received a scholarship to attend a leadership retreat back in September. I thought I’d be able to post a recap of the weekend the Monday I returned but life has been insane since then (I now have TWO work retreats to recap) and I kept thinking I’d get [...]

The Girls Go to Wendover


I’ve never been to Vegas; never been to Nevada. I’m on a mission to cross off all fifty states and have fun while I’m doing it. Vegas has never really appealed to me much and since Wendover is a quick drive from Ogden, and significantly cheaper, we’ve been plotting a girls trip to Wendover for [...]

Suddenly a Second Grader

Check out this handsome man! I know it’s so trite to say I can’t believe he’s in second grade already, but I really, really cannot believe how old this kid is. He had his first day back at school Monday and he was such a little gentleman. When I asked him how his first day [...]

Skagit to Whidbey Wine Tour

Saturday morning, I took my friend out on a pretty big adventure. Since we only had a couple days together in the PNW, I wanted to make the most of it and cover as much ground as possible. Would I recommend making a one day trip of both the Skagit Valley Wine Tour and the [...]