Malan’s Accomplished

If you’re following along on Instagram you already know that I took the morning off yesterday to go on a hike and clear my mind a bit. What you don’t know is that Malan’s is sort of this black mark in my hiking record. I’ve attempted to hike it three times and though I am generally [...]

Adventure > Gym

Waterfall January

I really loved this list of healthy food infographics that Peanut Butter Fingers shared in her most recent “Things I’m Loving Friday” post. I made the Chicken Orzo soup from the list of “10 Easy Homemade Soups” – easy being key. I made the grilled chicken in the crock pot beforehand and I steamed up the [...]

PNW Christmas 2014 Pt 1

Practicing Guitar

We took a rather long Christmas break in the Pacific Northwest this time around. Mack was out of school until the 6th and since Nick and I are both able to work on a flex schedule (and remotely if necessary) we really took advantage of the time. Vacation sort of started with Mack getting out [...]

The Tetons


This weekend we went on a special adventure, a special and also unplanned adventure. Nick was in Ohio all last week and arrived back in town on Friday night. We picked him up at the airport and went out to dinner in SLC before crashing out back at home. Mack had an early morning basketball [...]

Weekend Recap


I took the day “off” on Friday to help with Witchstock preparations… (oh sure, like you’ve never volunteered for something and wound up in a coffin) And since Nick was gone all week (Sunday through Wednesday in Alabama and then a ridiculously long work day on Thursday) I was eagerly awaiting 4 o’clock when he [...]