Zion on a Budget (or anywhere for that matter)


If you’re like me, you like to go on adventures pretty much nonstop. And if you’re like me, you know that outdoor adventures can go both ways – you can spend a ton of money and have an amazing time OR you can spend very little cash and have any amazing time. I’m all for [...]

Valentine’s Weekend


We had a really great Valentine’s weekend, did you? Nick had planned the weekend and everything was a surprise to me, except that I knew I was supposed to wear a dress. On Friday night Nick took me to Salt Lake for dinner at Sapa followed by a Tango lesson and open dance floor. We [...]

Running in the Snow and Super Bowl Madness


In case you were wondering, I did end up going to Body Pump on Friday. And I’m glad I did. It kicked my butt back into gear and I felt so great afterwards. Funny story, Nick and I had been invited to a couple different things for Friday night but decided that it’d be good [...]

Becoming a Tradition

coffee friday

This little scene is becoming a Friday tradition. Tradition sounds much more fun than saying I have a Friday routine. And why ruin something wonderful but calling it something so mundane as “routine?” Anyway, I’m once again working from the tiny coffee shop before my Body Pump class starts. I was gone all day yesterday [...]

Double Date Night and “The Double”


One thing we’re really good at: packing the weekends with fun. I told y’all I was looking forward to a surprise date I had planned for Nick. Well, some of that got derailed a bit but we still had a great time. I picked him up from the airport and since he was starving after [...]