Everymove and Body Pump at Home


This weekend was packed with fun and excitement including an overnight stay in Park City for Sundance, long runs and sledding adventures with the kiddos. We also had a great time just lounging around the house; Spencer took maybe 52 bubble baths, and I’m guilty of at least half as many myself During my long [...]

October Rules


I promised last week that I’d be checking in here and keeping myself accountable with my workout goals. So what are those goals? Pretty loosey-goosey. But honestly, I needed something with just enough structure as to keep me in check, but enough flex to accommodate what our schedules throw at us each and every week. [...]

Weekend Photo Bomb


As summer has digressed into fall, we’ve been trying to squeeze in as many last hoorahs as possible. Not that summer is the end, but any reason for fun is reason enough for me The result? Weekends like this! Friday Friday night we went down to Salt Lake for a night out on the town [...]

Hike Right Outta Town


If my Tuesday sounded like a leisurely day off to you.. here’s the flip side of the freelance life. Yesterday I worked at my “real job.” I went to the coffee shop just like always and got a bit of work done before heading “to work.” I stopped in at the post office, ran a [...]

Southern Utah, the Night Before Adventure-istmas


As promised, I’ll be recapping our very first camping trip with the kids. We took the tent and had absolutely no plan other than “head south.” I spent about an hour on Friday picking up snacks and last minute camping gear,I spent another hour cooking up a few things to pack for camping meals, Nick [...]