Six Months of Birthday Prep


I guess that attending that birthday party over the weekend and getting an invitation to a party coming up next week has got Mack’s brain dialed in on the party planning. He has asked me no less than a dozen times what we’re going to do for his birthday. Honestly, seeing as his birthday is [...]

Running in the Snow and Super Bowl Madness


In case you were wondering, I did end up going to Body Pump on Friday. And I’m glad I did. It kicked my butt back into gear and I felt so great afterwards. Funny story, Nick and I had been invited to a couple different things for Friday night but decided that it’d be good [...]



Yesterday after work I was in a funk and awfully complain-y. I don’t like to think of myself as a complainer but gosh darn – I was really whining. Nick made me, literally made me, go running with him at the gym. Three things: I hate running indoors, I have four gaping holes in my [...]

How to Milk the Udder-less Almond


Earlier this week I made promise of a recipe for making almond milk at home. Since then I have been laughing (in my head) about the concept of almond milk – no udders, how do you milk this bad boy? I just keep envisioning Meet the Fockers when they are talking about milking the cat. [...]

5 New Uses for Orange Peels


Good morning! Here it is Thursday morning, the last day of February already. I am loving that the sun is shining and I can feel the buzz of spring in the air. I love spring; it’s my favorite time of the year. I love, love, love it. The first official day of spring is March [...]