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Mental Strength Conditioning

I have good news: my kidney infection is just about cleared out! I spent the afternoon at the doctors office having some exams and tests done. The positive is that the antibiotics are working just fine and my kidney infection is just about over. However, I still have some stuff […]

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Conquer the World

Happy Thursday! Man this week has been flying by! Does anyone else feel like it was just Monday? I have to apologize for the lack of evening posts this week. The days have been long and I haven’t wanted to skip out on what little family time I get just […]

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I am a twenty-something working gal, a wife and mom to two young boys - a preschooler and a second grader.
I'm a strong believer in forging my own path and making my own rules.
My husband and I are both history majors trapped in the business world; our adventures tend to have a history lesson attached.
Together, we're working to coordinate our values, beliefs, goals and ideals into a practical parenting style that works for us.
I believe healthy food can and should be fun, tasty and affordable.
I use this space to share recipes and workouts for busy gals like myself and I invite you to follow along with us in our daily lives. Welcome.
Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and get ready to have some fun with us :)

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