Mental Strength Conditioning

I have good news: my kidney infection is just about cleared out! I spent the afternoon at the doctors office having some exams and tests done. The positive is that the antibiotics are working just fine and my kidney infection is just about over. However, I still have some stuff going on that they can’t [...]

Conquer the World

Happy Thursday! Man this week has been flying by! Does anyone else feel like it was just Monday? I have to apologize for the lack of evening posts this week. The days have been long and I haven’t wanted to skip out on what little family time I get just to sit down and type [...]

Why Sleep is as Important as a Workout

Man, yesterday was a long day! I had a meeting up at Park City and by the time I left it was snowing, ice on the road and dark out – took me almost three hours to get home. I hate driving at night because I have really bad depth perception in the dark and [...]

All the Time in the World

This morning I woke up thinking I had all the time in the world to hang out, have some coffee, go for a run and get ready for work. I had gotten up earlier than usual and I figured why not sit back and relax a little bit before heading out on my run? I [...]

…and Now I’m Singing the Lion King Song

Good morning! Man I always think that Mondays are going to suck but this is two weeks in a row of having a fabulous Monday. Let’s keep this trend rollin! Workout I really did not want to wake up this morning (remember how I anticipate Mondays being a crap day? Yeah, that doesn’t help me [...]