Twice-Baked Anasazi Beans


It’s been awhile since I posted a new recipe here and admittedly, it’s because I haven’t really been cooking much of interest lately. We’ve had a crazy schedule and by the time I get around to dinner, every ounce of creativity has been used up. But, that’s about to change because I’ve made a commitment [...]

At Home Spa Treatments


Today I have some fun tips about at home spa treatments and I’m sharing a few of my favorite recipes to go along with, but first I have to tell you guys about my big trouble maker. Yesterday Mack got picked up after school by a friend of mine in order for him to have [...]

Caramel Curry Salmon


Missed us? Well after that last post about working freelance, we went on a little break. So what’s happened since then? I’m going to give you a bit of a timeline for December just to offer up a glimpse of the madness our lives have been. December 6 sign paperwork for house December 7 begin [...]

Festive Family Connections


Yesterday I was hit by how holy-guacamole-freaking-cold out it is. Even though I was bundled up and cozy, I was cold all day long. I hate that. I met Nick after work to go on a run and when we went home to change into our gear, I actually crawled into bed to warm up [...]

{Healthified} Panko Chicken


Yesterday was a pretty awesome half birthday. I was working in the office (last day of that will be this coming Friday) up until about lunch time when I headed home to change into my workout gear and catch a gym session with a good friend. She just joined our gym so now we can [...]