Chocolate Stout Cake


We had an incredible weekend and I can’t wait to tell you all about it, but first things first I promised you a chocolate cake recipe (via Facebook). You guys know that my recipes are all about using real ingredients that are easy to find and that you can use in your every day cooking [...]

At Home Sushi


Good morning! Today I woke up to find another five/six inches of snow of the ground. That puts us just about two feet in the last 48 hours. Luckily, I’m happily tip-tapping my way across the keyboard as I type up this post from the comforts of the train – passing by the freeway that [...]

Cabbage Soup for the Soul + Health Benefits


Brrrrr! As I sit down to type up this morning’s post it is 10* – the high today is 23*. I guess I can’t complain too much seeing as a friend of mine posted on FB that where she is at in New York is currently –8*, yuck. I absolutely hate being cold. The book [...]

Tegu Blocks


I have a fun new toy to talk about today but first let’s talk about our evening and dinner. Yesterday Nick and I had lofty plans to come home and whip up dinner before heading to North Fork Trail and go snowshoeing. We were also planning on going to the gym together afterwards. Well, I [...]

Sunday is for Everything Under the Sun


Unfortunately Sunday started out with Nick not feeling well at all. That meant breakfast was up to me – as you all know the men in our family make breakfast – but I figured I could whip up some waffles and that would be easy enough. Not too shabby eh? To make this waffles simply [...]