Meeting the Junior League + Anasazi Bean Stew


Yesterday I was very happy to get to meet up with two of my old co-workers for lunch at Moochies in SLC. I haven’t seen these guys in a while and we all had lots to catch up on – one of them had a baby in October and the other has just launched his [...]

Cuban Sandwiches


Man this morning is just one of those days where you really cannot press the snooze button enough. I always set my alarm a bit earlier than I need because somehow getting to press snooze once or twice makes me feel like I’m “sleeping in” or “getting away with something.” Well, this morning I snoozed [...]

Sweet Potato Wontons – NEW APPROACH


I love the Sweet Potato Wontons that we make as part of our Thanksgiving tradition. But I’ve always felt that they were a bit greasy and I secretly wished that I could make them a little less so. Why thank you Pinterest for solving all of life’s most difficult problems! After seeing a few different [...]

Banana Split Smoothie


Remember going to the ice cream shop as a kid – I always loved getting banana splits. The banana with three scoops of vanilla then topped with chocolate and strawberries. Mmm. When I worked at Baskin Robbins (for like three weeks during college) people would order banana splits with one scoop vanilla, one chocolate and [...]

Cookbook Giveaway Winner


We have a winner for the cookbook giveaway! I don’t know if people were confused about entering or what happened to be honest with you. I posted this giveaway last Friday and it got a lot of traffic (typical of any post with the word giveaway) and I received several orders from the “buy now” [...]