College Towns


I spent most of the day yesterday working from home. I love those days. My home office is one of my most favorite places even though right now it’s a big mess and I need to spend a solid morning filing things away and clearing up the clutter so it looks like this again. (fun [...]

Free Weekend!!


This was our first free weekend in what feels like forever. Between Farmer’s Market set up (which starts at 5:45 am on Saturdays) to One Ogden shifts at the temple open house, family stuff and everything else, we haven’t had an entire weekend free to us to just “do” in a really long time. My [...]

Eat Local Challenge Week 3

Eat Local Challenge Salsa Package

Last night was the third pick up for Eat Local. What a beautiful week! I posted this photo on Instagram yesterday, a glimpse at some of the produce Eat Local participants would be receiving in their care packages. Here’s the full collection! Rosehill Dairy 2% Milk Canyon Meadows Ranch Tomato Basil Beef Bratwurst Butcher’s Bunches [...]

Eat Local Challenge – Week 2


We’re now half way through the Eat Local Challenge! Crazy how quickly the time flies! (a sneak peak at what subscribers received for week two – check out our newsletter for the full list) It was a fun night hosting pick ups again and then heading over to the Oasis Community Garden for Oasis Summer [...]

Eat Local Challenge 2014 – Week 1

Eat Local Week 1-14

Woohoo! The first week of pickups for the Eat Local Challenge went off without a hitch! I am so excited to have almost double the enrollment we had last year and to share my passion with that many more people. The above photo is just a sneak peak at what subscribers picked up today and [...]