I’ll Admit It


I am really not a fan of running. Well, I wasn’t a fan of running. Then I was and then I signed up for a marathon and now I’m back to not being a fan of running. Long distances. I am really just sick of putting in these training runs. I have missed so many [...]

Summer Reading Prep


There are 32 days left until the Ogden Marathon. 33 days until I turn 28. 45 days until school is out for summer. And that’s when life gets really interesting. For a lot of reasons. Projects I have in the works will be fully launched in June; several projects, large projects. The kids will be [...]



Today was a fantastic day! Meetings went well, running into friends on the street, collaborations coming together, and a long hot bath before the boys got hone. Little boy giggles over fart jokes and moving beds so those two little munchkins can be closer together – best buddies. I’m just settling in for the night, [...]

Three Things Thursday 2


Yay! Another three things Thursday to fill in the gaps of life that don’t always warrant a full post. I’m traveling today so let’s dive right in! 1. I’m headed to a conference in Ft Lauderdale. I was chosen as a delegate for our Ogden chapter Junior League to attend a conference put on by [...]

Winter Blues-Be-Gone


I hate the word depression. I have a whole list of reasons why, which leads into a banter on social and health care status quo in America which I don’t really want to get into. But given how much I dislike that word, you can probably understand that it’s not a word I would ever [...]