Feeling the Love


Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I am really feeling the love and it’s not even noon yet! I woke up to a note left by Nicholas, which I absolutely loved. He used to leave me notes all the time, in his scraggly hand writing that I can barely decipher, I save all of them and was [...]

Two Miles to Boredom


It always feels weird taking a vacation that runs through the early part of the week; yesterday felt like Monday to me and now I can hardly comprehend that it’s almost the weekend. Today I’ve got a full day of meetings and several really fun get togethers. At noon I get to attend a coffee [...]

Kolob Canyon


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my mom and I were planning on hiking Taylor Creek in Kolob Canyon on our way back home. I was a little concerned the weather wouldn’t cooperate and that there might be a) too much snow/ice to trek the trail or b) too much run off to safely cross [...]

The Day I Wore My Feet Off


Yesterday was an incredible day exploring Southern Utah with my mom. Even though I’ve been almost all of these places before, it continues to be a new experience with new discoveries every time. My mom had never been here and was completely mesmerized by the landscape at every turn. We started our morning at the [...]

Good Morning from Zion


Good morning from Zion! My mom arrived in town from Washington on Saturday morning and got to spend some time with the boys, check out our new house and play around in Ogden. We went on a family date night to Lucky Slice and Nickelcade – a night aimed purely at the boys having fun [...]