Welcome Home

Flowers from Nick

This is kind of a worthless post, except to say that my husband is amazing and all husbands should greet their wives back home from a trip this way. He also made one of my favorite late-night snacky meals just in case I was hungry when I arrived home. I shall keep him forever.

Monday is a New Day


Yesterday I took a mini break from my vacation to set up a mobile office inside of Starbucks. Three grandparents were out on the boat, one was in the kitchen baking and the boys were off on an adventure with their auntie. I figured it was a perfect time to sneak away to the real [...]

A Plan(less) Summer


I love summer so much but it also stresses me out a little bit. I’m at that point where I feel like our every move is planned out between now and when school starts up. I love to live spontaneously but I know I can’t make all the summer trips and excursions work without some [...]

The Summer of Instacare


Our boys are growing up. Mack is riding his bike a lot more. Spencer is hiking the trails. The boys are bigger and as such, more active. More into biking. More into hiking. More into wrestling. More into jumping. More into swimming. More into general dare-deviling. Nick and I have watched them change from these [...]

The Week in Review

This week has absolutely flown by and I think that has something to do with the diversity and constant activities we were a part of. We’re always here, there, everywhere but this week we did several “new-to-us” things. Since it was kind of a crazy week, I won’t cover everything but here are few things [...]