TV For Elementary Kids


Today I’m going to shock all of you by recommending a TV show for your elementary age kids. Typically, I’m not a fan of TV/Video Games for kids but there a few exceptions and this is one… Eco Company I happened to stumble across Eco Company in the DirecTV Guide a couple of weeks ago [...]

Spencer Turns Three


Kind of hard to believe huh? This little peanut… Turned three today!! I love him to pieces and he’s got a personality bigger than his body. Not everyone gets to experience the joy (or terror) of Spencer Magoo so I’ve compiled a few of my favorite photos to showcase this little monster Love you Spence! [...]

An Exercise Trail for Ogden, a tale of things coming together


As mentioned in my Marathon Recap, I was at the expo representing the GOAL Exercise Trail. I gave a little bit of an intro to what the exercise trail was about but it’s such a cool project I feel it deserves a post all its own – and actually, you’ll probably hear about it again [...]

So Cincy


I If you’ve been reading for a while, then you’ll remember that Nick had been offered a promotion that would require us to move from Ogden, UT to Cincinnati, Oh. He turned it down four times and was offered the position – a promotion and raise, or a demotion for staying*, one final time. Gotta [...]

Ogden Marathon Recap


A week late and a dollar (or eight miles) short. But here it is… Admittedly, Nick and I did not put in nearly the amount of training or long distance runs we would have liked to in order to feel comfortable running our first marathon. But I knew I was committed and come expo time, [...]