Eat Local Challenge Week 3

Eat Local Challenge Salsa Package

Last night was the third pick up for Eat Local. What a beautiful week! I posted this photo on Instagram yesterday, a glimpse at some of the produce Eat Local participants would be receiving in their care packages. Here’s the full collection! Rosehill Dairy 2% Milk Canyon Meadows Ranch Tomato Basil Beef Bratwurst Butcher’s Bunches [...]

Eat Local Challenge – Week 2


We’re now half way through the Eat Local Challenge! Crazy how quickly the time flies! (a sneak peak at what subscribers received for week two – check out our newsletter for the full list) It was a fun night hosting pick ups again and then heading over to the Oasis Community Garden for Oasis Summer [...]

Eat Local Challenge 2014 – Week 1

Eat Local Week 1-14

Woohoo! The first week of pickups for the Eat Local Challenge went off without a hitch! I am so excited to have almost double the enrollment we had last year and to share my passion with that many more people. The above photo is just a sneak peak at what subscribers picked up today and [...]

Ogden LDS Temple Open House


As I mentioned in my last post, Nick and I were invited to tour the “new” LDS Temple in Ogden. We were able to take a guided tour of the temple before it opens to the public. While we are not of that faith, it was interesting to hear from our guide what the beliefs [...]

Summer Fitness Essentials


When summer time hits, my gym attendance really drops. You might remember that the only reason Nick and I got a membership to begin with was so we could use the treadmills and put in our miles over the winter months. Well, when the sun is out, so are we! For us, summer fitness becomes [...]