A Quick Sweat and a Quick Dinner


As promised today is a double-whammy. A new workout and a new recipe. How about that?! I really didn’t want to go out and do my run yesterday and yet, I really did want to get my miles in… what to do? This! I ended up sneaking in my mile (just over one, one was [...]

Vega and a New Circuit


I made up a new circuit workout this morning based loosely on the GPP program we did up at the Blend Retreat. In case you’re worried, I promise I’ll be recapping my whole weekend experience and sharing some really fun products with you guys. But first things first, let’s talk about today. I haven’t done [...]

We’re All Just Learning to Walk

Good morning! I hope you all are having a great start to this Wednesday! I’m happy to hear that several of you have already tried and enjoyed yesterday’s tabata workout. I loved it so much that I actually did it again last night while watching the Biggest Loser I also just need to apologize for [...]