Yesterday after work I was in a funk and awfully complain-y. I don’t like to think of myself as a complainer but gosh darn – I was really whining. Nick made me, literally made me, go running with him at the gym. Three things: I hate running indoors, I have four gaping holes in my mouth where wisdom teeth once were and when I run I can feel my pulse in my mouth – gross, and lastly, I hate running indoors.

So. Yeah. A grump.

But I went.

Running Planet Fitness (“Sore Today Stronger Tomorrow” tank top from the Blend Retreat – find them here)

And I’m not going to tell you “oh it was so great and I’m so glad he made me go” because I still had to mentally battle my inner “let’s just go eat comfort food and curl up in a blanky” to get through every insufferable minute on the treadmill.

But I did it.

And I’m kind of-sort of, okay I’ll admit it, happy Nick made me go.

Winter takes such a toll on me. Something I never really understood growing up in Seattle. In Seattle, it rains and you can go outside and play in “less rain” or “just a grey day” and avoid the more rare down pours.

Here, it freezes and stays frozen :( It’s dark ALL THE TIME and it is cold ALL THE TIME. Things I really don’t like: DARK and COLD. It’s so hard on me.

I think I’m just bracing myself internally for the winter that’s only just setting in and acknowledging that I have to abandon my lovely river parkway trail and run inside on a black leathery belt is just…depressing. #WinterIsComing (nope, I haven’t watched Game of Thrones)

I’ve just never been one to think “Oh the gym! Yes! Let’s go there! Woo-hoo!” Some of you are those people and CONGRATULATIONS but that is not me.

I’m working on it.

Speaking of bracing myself for the winter…

Kid’s Winter Activities Book

I just subscribed to Parents Magazine which is cholk-full of fun kids projects. I ripped out a bunch of pages and started putting together a notebook of kid’s projects and activities to help get us through winter. Kids ProjectsYou guys know how it goes, you find yourself on a cold, snowy (or rainy) day and in the moment you can’t think of a single thing to do or place to take your kids who are bouncing off the walls needing things to do – in those moments you can’t think of the crafts or playtime activities you’ve thought would be perfect for a day like this. Your brain forgets everything.

Pinterest (<—click through for my board full of kids projects) helps for sure but I don’t always have all those things on hand and I really liked that the ideas in Parents used a lot of household items that I wouldn’t have to stock a craft bin for or plan out in advance. The projects above use things like empty cereal and noodle boxes, plastic straws, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, etc.

Plus, I love this little pull out of 50 Ways to Play – 50 ways to get active and move those little bodies indoors :)

Kids Activities - Active Indoor Play

Links to the projects shown above:

Kids Crafts Sailboat

Kids Crafts  Cable Car

Kids Crafts  Balloon Car

Kids Crafts Puppy Puppet

Kids Crafts  Rocket

Okay so we’re settling in to winter. I’m going to have a better attitude about working out indoors (I actually love the circuit at Planet Fitness, so that’s the silver lining here) and I’m working really hard to keep these little minds and little bodies active even when we’re snowed in.

Today, I’m looking forward to an almost meeting-free day which will give me an opportunity to bust through my ever-growing mountain of work. Sitting down to work rather than meeting after meeting talking about work?! What a novel concept!

Mack and I had a coffee/hot cocoa date before I dropped him off at school – we’re both happy, energized and ready to tackle the day :)

Mack coffee date

Question of the Day: How do you keep your little ones busy and active during the winter months?